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Raising includes receiving anything of value, like money, services, or property.

Search or browse data

  • All receipts

    Search candidate and committee receipt data by source, amount and date.

  • Individual contributions

    Search individual contributions to see who is donating to candidates and committees. Search for contributors by name, location, employer and occupation.

  • Lobbyist bundled contributions

    Lobbyist bundled contributions

    The list of PACs that are established or controlled by lobbyists or others registered with Congress for lobby disclosure. Campaigns, parties and leadership PACs who received bundled contributions from these PACs may be required to disclose that bundling activity to the FEC.

  • Cumulative amount raised by committees

    How much money has been raised between:

    Party committees
    All committees
  • Newly filed summary data may not appear for up to 48 hours.

    Methodology Overview

    This data includes Forms 3, 3P, and 3X.

    Money raised includes each of the following:

    • Adjusted receipts for PACs, parties, congressional filers and presidential filers

    Adjusted receipts are the total receipts minus the following:

    • Contribution refunds
    • Contributions from political party committees and other political committees
    • Loan repayments
    • Offsets to operating expenditures
    • Transfers from nonfederal accounts for allocated activities

    The form-by-form breakdown for adjusted receipts is:

    • Form 3: line 16 - (line 11(b) + line 11(c) + line 14 + line 19(c) + line 20(d))
    • Form 3P: line 22 - (line 17(b) + line 17(c) + line 20(d) + line 27(c) + line 28(d))
    • Form 3X: line 19 - (line 11(b) + line 11(c) + line 15 + line 16 + line 18(a) + line 26 + line 28(d))