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Committee master file description

The committee master file contains basic information for each committee registered with the Federal Election Commission, including:

  • Federal political action committees and party committees
  • Campaign committees for presidential, house, and senate candidates
  • Groups or organizations spending money for or against candidates for federal office

The file has one record per committee and shows the committee identification number, committee name, sponsor (when appropriate), treasurer name, committee address, information about the type of committee, and the candidate identification number (for campaign committees). The end-of-line (EOL) marker is line feed '\n' (LF, 0x0A, 10 in decimal).

Committee master file format

Column nameField namePositionNullData typeDescriptionExample data
CMTE_IDCommittee identification1NVARCHAR2(9) A 9-character alpha-numeric code assigned to a committee by the Federal Election Commission. Committee IDs are unique and an ID for a specific committee always remains the same. C00100005
Committee name2YVARCHAR2(200)Martha Washington for Congress
Treasurer's name
3YVARCHAR2(90) The officially registered treasurer for the committee. Alexander Hamilton
CMTE_ST1Street one4YVARCHAR2(34)1001 George Washington Hwy
CMTE_ST2Street two5YVARCHAR2(34)Suite 203
CMTE_CITYCity or town6YVARCHAR2(30)Alexandria
CMTE_DSGNCommittee designation9YVARCHAR2(1)A = Authorized by a candidate
B = Lobbyist/Registrant PAC
D = Leadership PAC
J = Joint fundraiser
P = Principal campaign committee of a candidate
U = Unauthorized
CMTE_TPCommittee type10YVARCHAR2(1)List of committee type codesH
CMTE_PTY_AFFILIATION Committee party11Y VARCHAR2(3)List of party codesNON
CMTE_FILING_FREQFiling frequency12YVARCHAR2(1)A = Administratively terminated
D = Debt
M = Monthly filer
Q = Quarterly filer
T = Terminated
W = Waived
ORG_TPInterest group category13YVARCHAR2(1)C = Corporation
L = Labor organization
M = Membership organization
T = Trade association
V = Cooperative
W = Corporation without capital stock
CONNECTED_ORG_NMConnected organization's name14YVARCHAR2(200)Widgets, Incorporated
Candidate identification15YVARCHAR2(9)When a committee has a committee type designation of H, S, or P, the candidate's identification number will be entered in this field.H1VA01225