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Advisory opinions

Advisory opinions are official Commission responses to questions about how federal campaign finance law applies to specific, factual situations.

This archive contains advisory opinions from 1975 to the present. It also contains documents related to advisory opinions — such as requests, drafts and public comments — from 1990 to the present.

The advisory opinion process

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The advisory opinion search feature includes all FEC advisory opinions (AOs) to date. You can search all FEC AOs using keywords, AO numbers, names of requestors and more. For additional search filters, you can still search AOs using our legacy AO search.

Pending advisory opinion requests

Once the Office of the General Counsel has determined that an advisory opinion request meets all of the requirements to move forward for consideration by the Commission, the request is made public and is available for public comment for ten days.

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AO 2023-09 Masto

Limit for state committee engaging in nonfederal activity established by officeholder with federal leadership PAC.

Recent advisory opinions issued

The Commission issues an advisory opinion when four or more Commissioners vote to approve it. These votes almost always occur during an open meeting.

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