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The FEC is an independent government agency, created by Congress in 1974.

Mission and history

The FEC was created to promote confidence and participation in the democratic process. Read more about the FEC’s history, purpose and goals.

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Leadership and structure

The agency is led by six Commissioners, no more than three of whom can belong to the same political party. Find out more about the FEC’s structure and its Commissioners.

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Reports about the FEC

The FEC regularly publishes information about its objectives and performance. These documents include strategic plans, budgets and procurement reports. Additional documents are available in response to the Committee on House Administration's April 2019 questions to the Commission.

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More than 300 people work at the FEC. Find current job openings and information about the application process.

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Working with the FEC

Working with experts, vendors and other external stakeholders helps the FEC support its mission.

Requests For Proposals (RFPs) and Requests for Quotations (RFQs) are posted by the General Services Administration, either on its e-BUY website or on its Federal Business Opportunities website.

Reports about FEC procurement and contracting are available in Procurement and contracting.

The FEC’s FY 2022 service contract inventory data is included in the government-wide inventory posted on and the government-wide inventory can be filtered to display the inventory data for the agency. The link to the government-wide inventory is