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Committee on House Administration April 2019 Questions

By letter dated April 1, 2019, Chairperson Zoe Lofgren of the Committee on House Administration of the U.S. House of Representatives posed a number of questions to the FEC Commissioners about agency operations. By letter dated May 1, 2019, Chair Ellen L. Weintraub of the FEC responded on behalf of the FEC.

Letter from Committee on House Administration to FEC (April 1, 2019)

Commission response

Cover letter (May 1, 2019)

FEC_Cover_Letter_to_House_Admin.pdf | PDF

FEC’s Response to Questions from the Committee on House Administration

FEC_Response_to_House_Admin.pdf | PDF

Attachment A by Chair Ellen L. Weintraub

FEC_Response_to_House_Admin_Attachment_A_Weintraub.pdf | PDF

Attachment B by Vice Chairman Matthew S. Petersen and Commissioner Caroline C. Hunter

FEC_Response_to_House_Admin_Attachment_B_Petersen_Hunter.pdf | PDF

Response of Vice Chairman Petersen and Commissioner Hunter to Question 46

FEC_Response_Petersen_Hunter_Q46.pdf | PDF

Response of Commissioner Steven T. Walther to Question 46

FEC_Response_to_House_Admin_Walther_Q46.pdf | PDF

Chair Ellen L. Weintraub’s Supplementary Response to Question 17D

FEC_Response_to_House_Admin_Addendum_to_Attachment_A_Weintraub.pdf | PDF

FEC Exhibit to Question 9 Response: Finance and Regulations Committees Agendas

FEC_Exhibit_Q9_Cmte_Agenda.pdf | PDF

FEC Exhibit to Question 15 Response: Seven Corrective Action Plans (CAPs)

FEC_Exhibit_Q15_CAPs.pdf | PDF

FEC Exhibit to Question 27 Response: List of MURs with One or More Split Votes

FEC_Exhibit_Q27_Some_Split.pdf | PDF

FEC Exhibit to Question 28 Response: List of MURs with Only Split Votes

FEC_Exhibit_Q28_All_Split.pdf | PDF