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PAC and party summary file description

The PAC and party summary file contains summary financial information for each PAC and party committee.

The file has one record per PAC and Party committee and shows information about the committee, total receipts and disbursements, receipts and disbursements broken down by type, contributions to other committees, independent expenditures made by the committee, and other financial summary information. The end-of-line (EOL) marker is line feed '\n' (LF, 0x0A, 10 in decimal).

PAC and party summary file format

Column name Field name Position Null Data type Description Example data
CMTE_ID Committee identification 1 N VARCHAR2 (9) C00100005
CMTE_NM Committee name 2 Y VARCHAR2 (200) National Finance Political Action Committee
CMTE_TP Committee type 3 Y VARCHAR2 (1) Q
CMTE_DSGN Committee designation 4 Y VARCHAR2 (1) U
CMTE_FILING_FREQ Committee filing frequency 5 Y VARCHAR2 (1) M
TTL_RECEIPTS Total receipts 6 Y Number(14,2) 150000.00
TRANS_FROM_AFF Transfers from affiliates 7 Y Number(14,2) 0.00
INDV_CONTRIB Contributions from individuals 8 Y Number(14,2) 100000.00
OTHER_POL_CMTE_CONTRIB Contributions from other political committees 9 Y Number(14,2) 50000.00
CAND_CONTRIB Contributions from candidate 10 Y Number(14,2) Not applicable
CAND_LOANS Candidate loans 11 Y Number(14,2) Not applicable
TTL_LOANS_RECEIVED Total loans received 12 Y Number(14,2) 0.00
TTL_DISB Total disbursements 13 Y Number(14,2) 145000.00
TRANF_TO_AFF Transfers to affiliates 14 Y Number(14,2) 0.00
INDV_REFUNDS Refunds to individuals 15 Y Number(14,2) 0.00
OTHER_POL_CMTE_REFUNDS Refunds to other political committees 16 Y Number(14,2) 0.00
CAND_LOAN_REPAY Candidate loan repayments 17 Y Number(14,2) Not applicable
LOAN_REPAY Loan repayments 18 Y Number(14,2) 0.00
COH_BOP Cash beginning of period 19 Y Number(14,2) 304000.00
COH_COP Cash close Of period 20 Y Number(14,2) 315000.00
DEBTS_OWED_BY Debts owed by 21 Y Number(14,2) 0.00
NONFED_TRANS_RECEIVED Nonfederal transfers received 22 Y Number(14,2) 0.00
CONTRIB_TO_OTHER_CMTE Contributions to other committees 23 Y Number(14,2) 75000.00
IND_EXP Independent expenditures 24 Y Number(14,2) 10000.00
PTY_COORD_EXP Party coordinated expenditures 25 Y Number(14,2) 0.00
NONFED_SHARE_EXP Nonfederal share expenditures 26 Y Number(14,2) 0.00
CVG_END_DT Coverage end date 27 Y DATE(MM/DD/YYYY) Through date 04/30/2018