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Any transaction from one committee to another file description

This file contains each contribution or independent expenditure that one committee gives to another during the two-year election cycle, including:

  • PACs

  • Party committees

  • Candidate committees

  • Or other federal committees

The file shows information about the committee expending the money as well as the committee receiving the money, the amount given, and the date it was given, and other information.The end-of-line (EOL) marker is line feed '\n' (LF, 0x0A, 10 in decimal).

Any transaction from one committee to another file format

Column nameField namePositionNullData typeDescriptionExample data
CMTE_IDFiler identification number1NVARCHAR2 (9) A 9-character alpha-numeric code assigned to a committee by the Federal Election Commission C00100005
AMNDT_INDAmendment indicator2YVARCHAR2 (1) Indicates if the report being filed is new (N), an amendment (A) to a previous report, or a termination (T) report. A
RPT_TPReport type3YVARCHAR2 (3) Indicates the type of report filed. List of report type codesQ2
TRANSACTION_PGIPrimary-general indicator4YVARCHAR2 (5) This code indicates the election for which the contribution was made. EYYYY (election Primary, General, Other plus election year)P2018
IMAGE_NUMImage number5YVARCHAR2 (11)
or VARCHAR2(18)
11-digit image number format
YY - scanning year
OO - office (01 - House, 02 - Senate, 03 - FEC Paper, 90-99 - FEC Electronic)
RRR - reel number
FFFF- frame number

18-digit image number normat (June 29, 2015)
YYYY - scanning year
MM - scanning month
DD - scanning day
SS - source (02 - Senate, 03 - FEC Paper, 90-99 - FEC Electronic)
PPPPPPPP - page (reset to zero every year on January 1)
TRANSACTION_TPTransaction type6YVARCHAR2 (3)Transaction types 10J, 11J, 13, 15J, 15Z, 16C, 16F, 16G, 16R, 17R, 17Z, 18G, 18J, 18K, 18U, 19J, 20, 20C, 20F, 20G, 20R, 22H, 22Z, 23Y, 24A, 24C, 24E, 24F, 24G, 24H, 24K, 24N, 24P, 24R, 24U, 24Z and 29 are included in the OTH file. Beginning with 2016 transaction types 30F, 30G, 30J, 30K, 31F, 31G, 31J, 31K, 32F, 32G, 32J, 32K, 40, 40Z, 41, 41Z, 42 and 42Z are also included in the OTH file.
For more information about transaction type codes see this list of transaction type codes
ENTITY_TPEntity type7YVARCHAR2 (3)ONLY VALID FOR ELECTRONIC FILINGS received after April 2002. CAN = Candidate
CCM = Candidate Committee
COM = Committee
IND = Individual (a person)
ORG = Organization (not a committee and not a person)
PAC = Political Action Committee
PTY = Party Organization
NAMEContributor/lender/transfer Name8YVARCHAR2 (200) Martha Washington for Congress
CITYCity9YVARCHAR2 (30)Alexandria
ZIP_CODE ZIP code11Y VARCHAR2 (9)22201
TRANSACTION_DTTransaction date (MMDDYYYY)14YDATE05112018
TRANSACTION_AMTTransaction amount15YNUMBER (14,2)5000.00
OTHER_IDOther identification number16YVARCHAR2 (9)For contributions from individuals this column is null. For contributions from candidates or other committees this column will contain that contributor's FEC ID.C00100502
TRAN_IDTransaction ID17YVARCHAR2 (32)ONLY VALID FOR ELECTRONIC FILINGS. A unique identifier associated with each itemization or transaction appearing in an FEC electronic file. A transaction ID is unique for a specific committee for a specific report. In other words, if committee, C1, files a Q3 New with transaction SA123 and then files 3 amendments to the Q3 transaction SA123 will be identified by transaction ID SA123 in all 4 filings.SA11AI.8317
FILE_NUMFile number / Report ID18YNUMBER (22)Unique report id 1197695
MEMO_CDMemo code19YVARCHAR2 (1)'X' indicates that the amount is NOT to be included in the itemization total. X
MEMO_TEXTMemo text20YVARCHAR2 (100)A description of the activity. Memo text is available on itemized amounts on Schedules A and B. These transactions are included in the itemization total. Contribution to federal committee
SUB_IDFEC record number21NNUMBER (19)Unique row ID 1234567891234567891