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Lobbyist bundled contributions file description

The Federal Election Campaign Act and Commission regulations require special reporting of certain contributions that are collected or “bundled” by:

  • Lobbyists/registrants

  • Political action committees (PACs) that are established or controlled by lobbyists/registrants, on behalf of authorized committees of federal candidates, political party committees, and leadership PACs

Campaign committees, leadership PAC and political party committees must disclose information about these lobbyist/registrants and lobbyist/registrant PACs when they receive two or more bundled contributions that aggregate in excess of $18,200 (for 2018) during a particular covered period. The threshold amount is indexed annually and updated amounts are typically announced early in each calendar year.

The file shows the total of contributions received during the quarter, month, or other time period specifically covered by this report. It shows the bundler’s name, address, aggregate amount of contributions bundled during the covered period, and refunds of bundled contributions for each lobbyist/registrant or lobbyist/registrant PAC that forwards, or is credited with raising more than $18,200 during the covered period.

Possible duplicated activity

The reports in this file disclose the total amount of bundled contributions received in each covered period. Reports filed in July and January may include activity from two covered periods:

  • The committee's regular quarterly or monthly reporting period, the pre-election covered period, or the post-election covered period

  • The semi-annual covered period

Lobbyist bundled contributions file format

Column nameField nameData typeDescriptionRangeExplanationExample data
COM_ID Committee ID Character Character C followed by eight digits 9 characters Unique nine digit identifier used by the Commission to identify each political committee. In general committee IDs begin with the letter C which is followed by eight C00100309
COM_NAMCommittee name CharacterName of committee or other entity registered with the FEC Max 90 characters This is the name of the campaign committee or leadership PAC reporting that they received contributions bundled by lobbyists Lawyers United PAC
LIN_IMALink to list of reports for the committee URLList of all disclosure filings for this committee Link to first page of bundling report. You can also view the basic form and instructions
COM_ELE_STACandidate state CharacterPostal abbreviation for state 2 charactersIncluded if the reporting committee is a campaign committee TX
COM_ELE_DISCandidate district Number2 digitsDistrict of candidate reporting bundled contributions 01
REP_TYPReport type code CharacterFEC report type abbreviation 3 charactersList of codes and their meaningM2
REC_DATReceipt date DateMM/DD/YYYYDate filing was received by the FEC 02/20/2018
COV_STA_DATBeginning date for reportDateMM/DD/YYYYStart date for the period covered by the report 01/01/2018
COV_END_DATEnding date for report DateMM/DD/YYYYEnd date for the period covered by the report 01/31/2018
QUA_CONBundled contribution total for the period CurrencyTotal value of bundled contributions in the specific reporting period100,000.00
SEM_ANN_CONBundled contribution total for the six month periodCurrencyTotal value of bundled contributions in the six month period 100,000.00