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Candidate summary file description

The candidate summary file contains summary financial information about each candidate registered with the FEC or appearing on an official state ballot for House, Senate or President. This information is available for the current election and for historical elections starting with the 2008 election. Special elections for House and Senate are also included.

Committees provide a summary of their financial activity in each filing. These summaries are combined for the full two year period to create the candidate summary file. A candidate’s financial totals include their principal campaign committee and other committees authorized to raise money on their behalf. The totals cover from January 1 of the year before the election through the most recent report submitted by the committees.

Data timing

The financial information is updated nightly based on electronic reports received or paper reports that have been computerized through 7 pm the previous day.

During the primary election season, the period covered may be different for candidates in different states, depending on their primary dates.

Candidate summary file format

Column nameField nameData typeDescriptionRangeDescriptionExample data
Link_ImageLink to candidate profile pageURlLink to financial information and filings made directly by the candidate - mainly statements of candidacy for each election
Cand_NameCandidate nameCharacterName of candidate Max 90 characters Martha Washington
Cand_Id Candidate ID Character 9 characters First character indicates office sought - H=House, S=Senate, P=Presidential. Characters 3 & 4 are the state abbreviation for Congressional candidates
Cand_OfficeCandidate office Textoffice abbreviation1 character H=House, S=Senate, P=Presidenth
Cand_Office_StCandidate office stateCharacterPostal abbreviation for state 2 charactersVA
Cand_Office_DistCandidate office districtNumberDistrict number for House candidates 2 digits 01
Cand_Party_AffiliationCandidate party affiliation CharacterParty abbreviation 3 characters Dem=Democrat
full list of party affiliations
Cand_Incumbent_Challenger_Open_SeatCandidate incumbent challenger open seatCharacterIncumbent or challenger or open seat indicator 10 characters I=incumbent; C=challenger; O=open seat (where no incumbent sought reelection)i
Total_ReceiptTotal receiptsCurrencySum of all receipt categories 10,000.00
Total_DisbursementTotal disbursementCurrencySum of all disbursement categories 10,000.00
Cash_On_Hand_COPCash on hand close of periodCurrencyEnding cash balance on the most recent filing 10,000.00
Debt_Owed_By_CommitteeDebt owed by committeeCurrency10,000.00
Coverage_End_DateCoverage end date


MM/DD/YYYYEnding date of the most recent report 04/15/2018
Cand_Street_1Candidate street 1


Street address Provided by the candidate on a statement of candidacy1001 George Washington Hwy
Cand_Street_2Candidate street 2TextGenerally suite number or other secondary address Suite 100
Cand_CityCandidate cityTextCity of mailing address Note: mailing addresses are not necessarily within the district. Use Candidate office state and candidate office district to specify the location of a campaignAlexandria
Cand_StateCandidate stateTextState of mailing address VA
Cand_ZipCandidate ZIP codeNumberZIP code of mailing address 5 digits22201
Individual_Itemized_ContributionIndividual itemized contributionCurrencySum of itemized contributions from individuals Contributions must be itemized (i.e. listing specific information about the donor and the contribution) when the total given to the campaign from a single individual exceeds $200. 10,000.00
Individual_Unitemized_ContributionIndividual unitemized contributionCurrencySum of unitemized contributions from individuals Total given to the campaign where specific information about the donors is not required because they have not given more than $200 10,000.00
Individual_ContributionIndividual contributionCurrencyTotal contributions from individuals Sum of the previous two fields (i.e. ind_ite_con and ind_uni_con)10,000.00
Other_Committee_ContributionOther committee contributionCurrencyContributions from other committees Mostly contributions from PACs, also includes contributions from other candidates. These also must be itemized regardless of amount.10,000.00
Party_Committee_ContributionParty committee contributionCurrencyContributions from party committees These must be itemized regardless of amount 10,000.00
Cand_ContributionCandidate contributionCurrencyContributions from the candidate 10,000.00
Total_ContributionTotal contributionCurrencyTotal contributions Sum of the previous 4 fields (i.e. ind_con, par_com_con, oth_com_con and can_con)10,000.00
Transfer_From_Other_Auth_CommitteeTransfer from other authorized committeeCurrencyCandidates may have more than one committee working for their election (including joint fundraising committees). Transfers from other authorized committees included here.10,000.00
Cand_LoanCandidate loanCurrencyLoans received from the candidate 10,000.00
Other_LoanOther loanCurrencyOther loans Often from banks, but must be made in the normal course of business including interest rates and collateral. Loans from individuals are treated as contributions.10,000.00
Total_LoanTotal loanCurrencySum of the previous 2 fields (i.e. can_loa and oth_loa)10,000.00
Offsets_To_Operating_ExpenditureOffsets to operating expenditureCurrencye.g. refund of deposit for phone bank, etc. 10,000.00
Offsets_To_FundraisingOffsets to fundraisingCurrencyApplies only for Presidential candidates receiving public matching funds in the primaries 10,000.00
Offsets_To_Leagal_AccountingOffsets to legal accountingCurrencyApplies only for Presidential candidates receiving public matching funds in the primaries10,000.00
Other_ReceiptsOther receiptsCurrencyE.g. interest on bank deposits, capital gains, etc. 10,000.00
Operating_ExpenditureOperating expenditureCurrencyTotal of normal operating expenditures. These must also be itemized when payments to a specific vendor exceed $200.10,000.00
Exempt_Legal_Accounting_DisbursementExempt legal accounting disbursementCurrencyApplies only for Presidential candidates receiving public matching funds in the primaries10,000.00
Fundraising_DisbursementFundraising disbursementCurrencyApplies only for Presidential candidates receiving public matching funds in the primaries10,000.00
Transfer_To_Other_Auth_CommitteeTransfer to other authorized committeeCurrencyCandidates may have more than one committee working for their election (including joint fundraising committees). Transfers to other authorized committees included here.10,000.00
Cand_Loan_RepaymentCandidate loan repaymentCurrencyLoan repayments to the candidate 10,000.00
Other_Loan_RepaymentOther loan repaymentCurrencyLoan repayments to banks or others 10,000.00
Total_Loan_RepaymentTotal loan repaymentCurrencySum of the previous 2 fields (i.e. can_loa_rep and oth_loa_rep)10,000.00
Individual_RefundIndividual refundCurrencyContribution refunds made to individuals 10,000.00
Party_Committee_RefundParty committee refundCurrencyContribution refunds made to parties 10,000.00
Other_Committee_RefundOther committee refundCurrencyContribution refunds made to other committees Mainly PACs or other candidates10,000.00
Total_Contribution_RefundTotal contribution refundCurrencySum of the previous 3 fields (i.e. ind_ref, par_com_ref and oth_com_ref)10,000.00
Other_DisbursementsOther disbursementCurrencye.g. donations to charity, contributions to state or local candidates, etc. 10,000.00
Net_ContributionNet contributionCurrencySum of all contributions minus any contribution refunds 10,000.00
Net_Operating_ExpenditureNet operating expenditureCurrencySum of all operating expenditures minus any offsets to those expenditures10,000.00
Cash_On_Hand_BOPCash on hand beginning of periodCurrencyCash balance for the campaign at the start of the two-year period 10,000.00
Debt_Owe_To_CommitteeDebt owed to committeeCurrency10,000.00
Coverage_Start_DateCoverage start date


MM/DD/YYYYBeginning date for the first report during the two year period 01/01/2017