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Candidate master file description

The candidate master file contains basic information for each candidate, including:

  • Candidates who have filed a Statement of Candidacy (Form 2) for the upcoming election

  • Candidates who have active campaign committees without regard to election year

  • Candidates who are referenced as a part of a draft committee or a nonconnected committee that registers as supporting or opposing a particular candidate

The file shows the candidate's identification number, candidate’s name, party affiliation, election year, office state, office sought, district, incumbent/challenger status, status as a candidate, name of the candidate’s principal campaign committee, and address. The end-of-line (EOL) marker is line feed '\n' (LF, 0x0A, 10 in decimal).

Candidate master file format

Column name Field name Position Null Data type Description Example data
CAND_ID Candidate identification 1 N VARCHAR2(9) A 9-character alpha-numeric code assigned to a candidate by the Federal Election Commission. The candidate ID for a specific candidate remains the same across election cycles as long as the candidate is running for the same office. H8VA01233
CAND_NAME Candidate name 2 Y VARCHAR2(200) Martha Washington
CAND_PTY_AFFILIATION Party affiliation 3 Y VARCHAR2(3) The political party affiliation reported by the candidate NON
CAND_ELECTION_YR Year of election 4 Y Number(4) Candidate's election year from a Statement of Candidacy or state ballot list 2018
CAND_OFFICE_ST Candidate state 5 Y VARCHAR2(2) House = state of race
President = US
Senate = state of race
CAND_OFFICE Candidate office 6 Y VARCHAR2(1) H = House
P = President
S = Senate
CAND_OFFICE_DISTRICT Candidate district 7 Y VARCHAR2(2) Congressional district number
Congressional at-large 00
Senate 00
Presidential 00
CAND_ICI Incumbent challenger status 8 Y VARCHAR2(1) C = Challenger
I = Incumbent
O = Open Seat is used to indicate an open seat; Open seats are defined as seats where the incumbent never sought re-election.
CAND_STATUS Candidate status 9 Y VARCHAR2(1) C = Statutory candidate
F = Statutory candidate for future election
N = Not yet a statutory candidate
P = Statutory candidate in prior cycle
CAND_PCC Principal campaign committee 10 Y VARCHAR2(9) The ID assigned by the Federal Election Commission to the candidate's principal campaign committee for a given election cycle. C00100005
CAND_ST1 Mailing address - street 11 Y VARCHAR2(34) Mailing address - street 1001 George Washington Hwy
CAND_ST2 Mailing address - street2 12 Y VARCHAR2(34) Mailing address - street2 Suite 100
CAND_CITY Mailing address - city 13 Y VARCHAR2(30) Mailing address - city Alexandria
CAND_ST Mailing address - state 14 Y VARCHAR2(2) Mailing address - state VA
CAND_ZIP Mailing address - ZIP code 15 Y VARCHAR2(9) Mailing address - ZIP code 22201