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Noncampaign related expenses

Campaign funds may be used for the following purposes that are not related to the candidate’s campaign for federal office.

To defray the ordinary and necessary expenses incurred in connection with an individual’s duties as of a federal officeholder, such as:

  • Travel expenses for a federal officeholder and his or her accompanying spouse and children, provided that the travel is undertaken to participate in a function that is directly connected to the officeholder’s bona fide official responsibilities
  • Winding down costs of a federal officeholder’s office for a period of six months after leaving office. Ethics rules may apply.

Donations to charities, defined in 26 U.S.C. § 170(c) of the Internal Revenue Code. Donations of campaign funds to a charitable organization do not constitute the personal use of campaign funds unless the candidate (former or current) receives compensation from the donee organization before the organization has expended, for purposes unrelated to the candidate’s personal benefit, the entire amount donated by the campaign.

Unlimited transfers to any national, state or local party committee.

Donations to state and local candidates, subject to the provisions of state law.

Any other lawful purpose, unless expressly prohibited by the Federal Election Campaign Act.