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  • Weekly Digests

Week of June 24 – 28, 2024

June 28, 2024

Commission meetings and hearings

On June 25 and 27, the Commission met in executive session.

On June 27, the Commission held an open meeting.

Advisory Opinions

Request Received

Advisory Opinion Request 2024-06 (American Target Advertising and The Conservative Caucus) On June 25, the Commission made public an advisory opinion request from American Target Advertising and The Conservative Caucus. The requestors ask whether the face amount of checks designed to encourage recipients to open direct mail must be included in the costs of an independent expenditure reported to the Commission, and whether there is any other formula required to report the value of such checks. The Commission will accept written comments on the request during the 10-day period following publication of the request (no later than July 5) and must issue a response no later than 60 days after the receipt of the complete request, that is, by August 20, 2024.

Commissioner Statement

Advisory Opinion 2024-05 (Nevadans for Reproductive Freedom) On June 26, Commissioner Shana M. Broussard issued a Statement Regarding Advisory Opinion 2024-05.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

The Commission made public two closed cases, as follows. For more information, see the case documents in the Alternative Dispute Resolution search system.

ADRs 1157 and 1158

COMPLAINANTS: FEC-Initiated; and Sarah Locke, Executive Director, Connecticut Democratic State Central Committee
RESPONDENT: Jayme Stevenson for Congress and William G. Parrett, in official capacity as treasurer (the Committee)
SUBJECT: In the normal course of carrying out its supervisory responsibilities, the Commission initiated proceedings to determine whether there was reason to believe the Committee failed to disclose $157,511.70 in additional disbursements on its 2022 30-Day Post-General Report. In addition, a separate complaint filed with the Commission alleged that the Committee deliberately excluded contributions and expenditures made in connection with certain fundraising events on its 2022 30-Day Post-General Report.
DISPOSITION: The Committee agreed 1) to pay a civil penalty of $1,250 and 2) to certify closure of its federal account and file a Termination Report with the Commission.


Final Audit Report of the Commission on DAO for America On June 25, the Commission made public the Final Audit Report of the Commission on DAO for America, covering campaign finance activity from January 1, 2021 to December 31, 2022. Based on an examination of the disclosure reports, the bank statements, and the records provided, the Commission determined that DAO for America met substantial compliance with the Federal Election Campaign Act of 1971, as amended, within the limited scope of the audit.

Public Funding

Jill Stein Determination of Eligibility for Matching Funds. On June 26, the Commission declared Jill Stein and her principal campaign committee, Jill Stein for President 2024, as eligible to receive public matching funds for her campaign for the Green Party nomination for President. Based on Stein’s initial threshold submission, the Commission voted to request that the United States Treasury make an initial payment of $100,000 to Stein’s campaign.

Mike Pence and Mike Pence for President - Final Determination of Date of Ineligibility On June 27, the Commission approved a Final Determination of Date of Ineligibility (DOI) for payments from the Presidential Primary Matching Payment Account (Matching Payment Act), determining that the DOI is October 28, 2023, when Pence publicly announced that he was suspending his campaign for President. The Commission also approved notification to Pence and MPFP of the DOI determination with an instruction to submit a statement of net outstanding campaign obligations (NOCO) within 15 calendar days.

Regulations and agency procedures

REG 2024-01 (Candidate Security) On June 24, the Commission made public a late comment it received from the National Republican Congressional Committee in response to a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) that would codify several Commission advisory opinions that authorized the use of campaign funds to pay for certain security measures and address additional issues raised in those advisory opinions.


On June 25, Vice Chair Ellen L. Weintraub met with students from Georgetown Day School to discuss artificial intelligence and elections.

On June 26, Commissioner Allen Dickerson discussed campaign finance disclosure rules and the role of the Commission with students from the Air Command and Staff College.

On June 26, the Commission hosted reporting and FECFile webinars for candidate committees.

On June 27, Vice Chair Weintraub met with interns from Campaign Legal Center to discuss the operations of the Commission.

On June 28, Commissioner Dara Lindenbaum met with Brazil’s Secretary of Regulatory Acts at the office of Brazil's Attorney General in Washington, DC.

Press releases

FEC approves Final Determination of Date of Ineligibility for matching fund payments (issued June 27)

FEC declares Stein eligible to receive 2024 matching funds (issued June 27)

Upcoming Commission meetings and hearings

July 9, 2024: The Commission is scheduled to meet in executive session.

July 11, 2024: The Commission is scheduled to hold an open meeting.

July 23, 2024: The Commission is scheduled to meet in executive session.

July 25, 2024: The Commission is scheduled to hold an open meeting.

Upcoming educational opportunities

July 10, 2024: The Commission will host a FECFile webinar for PACs and party committees.

For more information on upcoming training opportunities, see the Commission’s Trainings page.

Upcoming reporting due dates

July 15: July Quarterly Reports are due. For more information, see the 2024 Quarterly Reporting schedule.

July 20: July Monthly Reports are due. For more information, see the 2024 Monthly Reporting schedule.

Additional research materials

Election Dates. The Commission has posted 2024 Presidential and Congressional Primary Dates, which are subject to change.

Contribution Limits. In addition to the current limits, the Commission has posted an archive of contribution limits that were in effect going back to the 1975-1976 election cycles.

Federal Elections 2020: Election Results for the U.S. President, the U.S. Senate and the U.S. House of Representatives is available. The data was compiled from the official vote totals published by state election offices.

FEC Notify: Want to be notified by email when campaign finance reports are received by the agency? Sign up here.

The Combined Federal State Disclosure and Election Directory is available. This publication identifies the federal and state agencies responsible for the disclosure of campaign finances, lobbying, personal finances, public financing, candidates on the ballot, election results, spending on state initiatives and other financial filings.

The Presidential Election Campaign Fund Tax Checkoff Chart provides information on balance of the Fund, monthly deposits into the Fund reported by the Department of the Treasury, payments from the Fund as certified by the FEC, and participation rates of taxpayers as reported by the Internal Revenue Service. For more information on the Presidential Public Funding Program, see the Public Funding of Presidential Elections page.

The FEC Record is available as a continuously updated online news source.

Other election-related resources

Videos on protecting U.S. elections. The FBI’s Protected Voices initiative provides videos designed to help political campaigns protect themselves from foreign influence. The 2019 videos offer guidance on ransomware, business email compromise, supply chain, social media literacy, and foreign influence operations. Other videos, released in 2018, include cyber hygiene topics such as social engineering, patching, router hardening, and app and browser safety.

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