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FECFile: the FEC's free software

FECFile is a Windows-based software system that committees can use for electronic filing. FECFile is free to download, and the Electronic Filing Office is available to answer filers' questions about the system.

FECFile only works on PC computer systems that meet the following requirements:

  • Microsoft Windows 11, 10, or 8 operating system (no other operating system is supported)
  • 85MB of available hard disk space
  • 1GB of available RAM
  • Internet access or CD drive
  • Java 8
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

Using FECFile

Committees can begin using FECFile at any point in the year. If a committee chooses to install and use FECFile, the FEC recommends that it takes some time to read the appropriate user manual:

Remember to always back up data files; these are the files with the .dcf extension. Computer, software or internet service provider failure do not excuse a failure to file on time. Late filers may be put into the Administrative Fine Program. It’s also difficult and time consuming to recreate files if data is lost. Contact the FEC for technical assistance.

Step-by-step FECFile instructions

Learn how to complete common tasks and troubleshoot issues using the following step-by-step documentation:

Recent FECFile release notes

Build (August 16, 2022) Not released, internal FEC server-side change only

What's new:

• FECPrint–The printed PDF was updated to correct the order of schedules on the Form 3X.

Build 8.4 (May 17, 2022)

What's new:

  • FECFile–Form 1, new option to register as an independent expenditure-only committee (Super PAC) or committee with a non-contribution account (Hybrid PAC).

Build (March 8, 2022)

What's new:

  • FECFile–Remediated log4j security vulnerability.

Build (January 24, 2022, not released)

What's new:

  • FECFile – Corrected a software start-up issue relating to a missing MSVCR120.dll file.
  • FECFile – Verified publisher (FEC) now added for enhanced security.
  • FECLoad – Filing Method now defaults to Web Services.

Build (August 9, 2021)

What's new:

  • FECCheck – Form 1, Treasurer address (Street 1, City, State, Zip) are now required fields.
  • FECCheck – Form 1, Custodian (Last Name, First Name, Street 1, City, State, Zip) are now required fields.
  • FECFile – Modernized validate, print, and upload functions, with new integrated Web Services. Added new “Web service” upload option.

Build (October 9, 2020)

What's new:

  • FECFile – Corrected an issue in Release where negative transaction IDs were being generated.
  • FECFile – Webservice has been removed as an upload option.

Build (October 5, 2020)

What's new:

  • FECFile – Security patches applied.
  • FECFile – Form 24, corrected an issue. Independent expenditures, that include only a dissemination date, now carry over the aggregate amount when added to the Form 24.

Build 8.3 (August 15, 2018)

What's new:

  • FECFile – Corrected an issue importing transactions from previously filed reports.
  • FECPrint – A new date field "Original Amendment Date" has been added to Form 9.
  • FECCheck – Amended Form 9s now require the date of the previously field report for which the amendment is being filed.
  • FECCheck – Form 1, "Treasurer" first and last names are now required fields.

Build 8.2 (June 7, 2017)

What's new:

  • FECFile — Revised Form 3Z and 3PZ.
  • FECFile — Faxed confirmation receipts will no longer be sent.
  • FECFile — Form 2, vice presidential name fields have been added for presidential candidates.
  • FECFile — Schedule H1, Flat Minimum Percentage Option, has been removed.
  • FECFile — Form 5, contributions received can now be added to 24-/48-hour independent expenditure reports.
  • FECPrint — Page by page and schedule view is no longer supported.
  • FECPrint — All negative value minus signs (-) have been replaced with an en dash (–) plus a space.
  • FECPrint — Form 1, Line 5C now shows Name of Candidate.
  • FECPrint — Form 1S, standardized Form 1S with new template (now accommodating four Joint Fundraising Participants, 1 Affiliated, 1 Designated Agent, and 1 Bank in each Form 1S).
  • FECPrint — Form 2S, standardized Form 2S with new template (now accommodating four Authorized Committees in each Form 2S).
  • FECPrint — Form 3P, Termination Report checkbox bug has been corrected.
  • FECPrint — Form 3X, Schedule E, Subtotal labels (a, b, c) have been corrected.
  • FECCheck — Form 1, changed from Warning to Error for Candidate Office, State, and District, if committee is Principal Campaign Committee or Authorized Committee.
  • FECCheck — Form 1, changed from Warning to Error for Party Code if committee is Principal Campaign Committee; Authorized Committee; or a National, State, or Subordinate Party Committee.
  • FECCheck — Form 2, added Warning, for vice president Last Name and First Name Fields, if Office is P (presidential).

Build (October 11, 2016)

What’s new:

  • FECPrint — Forms 3, 3P and 3X: The FEC Identification Number field on Schedule B will now display the committee ID. In the absence of a committee ID, the candidate ID will display.

Build (October 3, 2016)

What’s new:

  • FECFile — Corrected an aggregate issue for Form 3X, 24 Hour Report, if Disbursement Date is missing.
  • FECPrint — New standardization of name fields: Last Name, First Name, Middle Name, Prefix, Suffix. Missing data elements will now print as an empty field (showing comma). Example: Smith,John,P,,Jr.
  • FECPrint — Form 3, Form 3P, Form 3X, and Form 6 (and accompanying schedules) have been revised with new templates.
  • FECPrint — New "Beneficiary Committee Number" field has been added to Schedule B for Form 3, Form 3P, and Form 3X.
  • FECPrint — New "Personal Funds of the Candidate" check-box field has been added to Schedule C for Form 3 and Form 3P.