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Other filing software

Committees can choose among several software alternatives to FECFile, the FEC's free filing software. The FEC doesn’t endorse or approve any software, but it does maintain a list of software packages that allow committees to upload properly formatted files to the FEC system.

Software options

The FEC maintains a list of companies that have contacted the FEC and indicated that they are implementing electronic filing. The tools that facilitate doing so are available to anyone who wishes to use them. Check with software vendors to be sure they support electronic filing with the FEC.

Developer and vendor information


Electronic filing requires the use of special data formatting and upload procedures that can best be accomplished by software written specifically for this purpose. The software must be capable of creating a file in the proper format, validating and encrypting the file and uploading the file to the FEC.

Vendor tools

The vendor tools include:

  • Electronic filing specifications: format layouts and technical specifications for all reports and schedules required to be filed with the FEC.
  • Validation software: a program designed to check files, ensuring compliance with the format requirements. Sample files that comply with the validation specifications are also included.
  • Upload utility and report image rendering: files necessary to upload validated reports to the FEC website using TCP/IP and SSL, as well as files necessary to render a report image from data.


During the electronic filing process, the file is received and evaluated to verify that the it has been correctly formatted and that all necessary information is properly included. The FEC does not officially endorse or approve electronic filing software products. Any software package or other computer process that can produce and upload properly formatted files may be used for electronic filing.