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Updating the candidate/committee list

FECFile allows users to look up candidates and committees in the software. FECFile prompts users every 30 days to download the candidate/committee list. This list provides the current candidate/committee ID, address and other information. You can update the list more frequently by following these instructions:

  1. Go to the Download FEC Tools webpage.
  2.  Choose the download format most convenient: Committees/Candidates Master List Compressed, Committees/Candidates Master List Un-Compressed or FEC Update File, which contains latest master list and contribution limits.
  3. Right click on the format link of choice.
  4. Click the Save Target As option.
  5. Preface the filename with %allusersprofile%\application data\fecapplications\fecfile\ to save the file to its operating location. For example:  %allusersprofile%\application data\fecapplications\fecfile\
  6. Click "Save."
  7. If you're using the compressed format (Committees/Candidates Master List Compressed or FEC Update File), the data must be uncompressed to this same location before FECFile can use it.
  8. When you're done saving, close your browser.

The lookup database will be updated.