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Primary election report notice - West Virginia

Political committees involved in the primary (05/10/2022):

Report Reporting period [1] Reg./cert. & overnight mailing deadline Filing deadline
Pre-Primary 04/01/2022 - 04/20/2022 04/25/2022 04/28/2022
48-Hour Notices
(candidates only)
04/21/2022 - 05/07/2022 n/a filing info
July Quarterly 04/21/2022 - 06/30/2022 07/15/2022 07/15/2022

Who must file

The following committees must file the West Virginia Pre-Primary Report:

  • Principal campaign committees of congressional candidates [2] (including unopposed candidates and candidates whose names do not appear on the ballot) who seek election in the primary election must file the above reports and notices. [3]
  • PACs and party committees filing on a quarterly basis in 2022 are subject to pre-election reporting if they make previously undisclosed contributions or expenditures (including independent expenditures) in connection with an election by the close of books of the applicable report(s).

Before a committee can stop filing with the FEC, it must file a termination report with the Commission. Committees must continue to file reports until the Commission notifies them in writing that their termination report has been accepted.

Read supplemental filing information:


[1] These dates indicate the beginning and the end of the reporting period. A reporting period always begins the day after the closing date of the last report filed. If the committee is new and has not previously filed a report, the first report must cover all activity that occurred before the committee registered up through the close of books for the first report due.

[2] Generally, an individual becomes a candidate for federal office (and thus triggers registration and reporting obligations) when his or her campaign exceeds $5,000 in either contributions or expenditures. If the campaign has not crossed the $5,000 threshold, it is not required to file reports.

[3] If a candidate has more than one authorized committee, the principal campaign committee files a consolidated report on Form 3Z in addition to filing the report on Form 3.