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AO 1999-11



Federal candidate's use of funds from state-level account.


Final opinion May 21, 1999
Date Name Document type
08/16/1999 Concurring Opinion (Vice Chairman Darryl Wold, Commissioners Lee Ann Elliottt and David M. Mason) Commissioner Statements
06/24/1999 Concurring Opinion (Chairman Scott E. Thomas and Commissioner Danny Lee McDonald) Commissioner Statements
05/21/1999 AO 1999-11 Final Opinion
05/20/1999 Vote Votes
05/19/1999 Amendment to Draft AO (Commissioner Sandstrom), Agenda Document No. 99-61-A Draft Documents
05/13/1999 Draft AO (OGC), Agenda Document No. 99-61 Draft Documents
04/08/1999 Request by Dianne Byrum AO Request, Supplemental Material, and Extensions of Time


Role Name Type
Requestor Byrum, Dianne Individual
Counsel/Representative Scullion, Mary Kay Individual