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Requests for consideration of legal questions by the Commission

The program for requesting consideration of legal questions by the Commission provides a means by which persons and entities that have been asked to take corrective action by the Reports Analysis Division or the Audit Division may seek Commission consideration if a material dispute on a question of law exists relating to the corrective action requested. For more details about how the process works, as well as the types of legal questions that the Commission will consider under the program, please review this Policy Statement (July 29, 2019). Previous versions of this Policy Statement appear on the Policy and other guidance page.

Submit a request

All requests, including any extension requests, must be received by the Commission within 15 business days of the Audit Division's or Reports Analysis Division's determination that corrective action must be taken. Please review the Commission's Policy Statement to learn how the Commission defines "determination."

All requests should be directed to the attention of the Commission Secretary. To ensure timely receipt and consideration requestors are encouraged to submit comments electronically via email to:

Alternatively, requests may be submitted in paper form to:

Federal Election Commission
Attn: Commission Secretary
1050 First Street, NE
Washington, DC 20463

To submit requests electronically:

  1. Create the request in PDF or Word* document format.
  2. Attach the request in an email to

* You can use Microsoft Word to save as PDF format.