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The Commission compiles nationwide statistics on federal campaigns to help the public and researchers understand how candidates compare with national and state trends and rankings. For further research, indexes and computerized search systems are available.

Lists available to research candidates:

  • Names and addresses of Presidential, Senate and House candidates
  • Names and addresses of candidates and their authorized committees
  • Names and addresses of candidates running in the current election cycle
  • Candidates with figures of their receipts, disbursements, cash on hand, and debts owed by the candidate's committee for the current election cycle: President, Senate and House
  • Recent registrations of candidates

Checklist to research a specific candidate:

Review our Combined Federal/State Disclosure and Election Directory for a listing of each state office which maintains candidate reports and other disclosures.

For assistance, contact the Public Records Office

1-800-424-9530 (menu option 2)