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Combined dues and solicitation statements

Combined payments

A connected organization may include a solicitation for contributions to an SSF in a bill for another payment, such as a bill for membership dues or a conference registration fee. The contributor may write a single check to cover both the dues (or other fee) and the contribution to the SSF. The check must be drawn on the contributor’s personal checking account or on a nonrepayable corporate drawing account of the contributor. Under the collecting agent rules, a connected organization may separate the dues from the SSF contribution, then forward the amount intended as an SSF contribution to the SSF.

Basic rules apply

Organizations using a combined dues/solicitation statement must follow the general solicitation rules. This means that only those individuals who are in the restricted class may be solicited for an SSF contribution. Moreover, any invitation to participate must incorporate special notices. The design of the solicitation materials must distinguish between the required dues or fees and the suggested voluntary SSF contribution. Individuals may not designate a portion of their dues or fees for the SSF.