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General election report notice for presidential committees (2020)

**** REMINDER ****

The Post-General Report is due on December 3, 2020. The report covers activity from the close of the committee’s last report filed through November 23, 2020.

NOTE: In election years, the reporting period for the Post-General Report spans two election cycles. For this report only, committees should not use the normal Detailed Summary Page. Instead, committees should use the Post-Election Detailed Summary Page.

Reports sent by registered or certified mail must be postmarked on or before the mailing deadline (December 3, 2020). If using overnight mail, the delivery service must receive the report on or before the mailing deadline (December 3, 2020). Otherwise, they must be received by the filing deadline (December 3, 2020).


General election candidate committees

All principal campaign committees of presidential candidates participating in the 2020 general election must file a Post-General Report.

Primary election candidate committees, monthly filers

Committees that have been filing on a monthly basis in 2020, but whose candidates are not participating in the general election, have a choice between filing either the Pre- and Post-General Reports or monthly reports covering October and November (due November 20 and December 20, respectively).


General election candidate committees, quarterly filers

Committees not required to file on a monthly schedule during 2020, and whose candidates are not participating in the general election, need not file the Post-General Report. These committees, however, must continue filing on a quarterly basis.

Committees not active in 2020 elections

Committees only active in past or future elections do not file the Post-General Report. These committees continue to file according to their regular reporting schedule (monthly or quarterly).