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Electioneering communications periods: main page (2020)

Electioneering communications (EC) are television and radio communications that refer to a clearly identified federal candidate and are distributed to the relevant electorate within 60 days prior to a general election (including a special general or special general runoff) or 30 days prior to a primary, nominating convention or caucus (including special elections). Individuals and other persons who make electioneering communications that aggregate in excess of $10,000 in the calendar year must file disclosure statements with the Commission within 24 hours of distribution to the public.

To access charts providing the breakdown of the periods during which 24-hour disclosure of electioneering communications is required for 2020 elections:

24-hour disclosure of electioneering communications is done using Form 9.

For a chronological listing of electioneering communications, please consult the FEC Calendar.