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Contributions to and from nonfederal campaigns

March 25, 2019

A federal campaign may contribute to a nonfederal campaign as these expenditures are a permissible use of campaign funds. (Contributions in connection with a nonfederal election are subject to state law.)

A federal campaign committee may also accept contributions from a nonfederal campaign, but:

  • The funds must come from federally permissible sources; and
  • The nonfederal campaign may trigger registration with the FEC as a federal political committee.

However, a federal campaign may not accept funds or assets transferred from the candidate's own nonfederal campaign. Instead, the candidate’s nonfederal campaign may refund its donors, and the federal campaign may solicit the same donors within the federal limits and prohibitions.

For additional information on contributions to and from nonfederal campaign committees, please consult our Help for candidates and committees web pages and our Nonfederal Committee Contributions for Federal Campaigns e-learning video.