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Responding to an RFAI

At some point in your committee’s history, you may receive an RFAI, or Request for Additional Information. 

An RFAI is sent if your committee’s FEC Campaign Finance Analyst ...

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Joint fundraising

As the general election approaches, committees may consider partnering up on fundraising efforts by holding joint fundraisers. 

Joint fundraising is fundraising conducted jointly by a federal political committee and one ...

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Got primary debt?

Did you know that a campaign committee may be able to raise contributions after an election to retire campaign debt? 

If a campaign committee has net debts outstanding after an ...

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Conventions and meetings

Conventions and meetings are good opportunities for connected organizations to reach potential contributors to their SSFs. Part of the planning process should include a review of the SSF solicitation rules ...

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Summer endorsements heat up!

During this point of the election cycle, candidates often endorse other candidates in public communications, such as robocalls, tv ads or direct mailings. A public communication in which a federal ...

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