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Weekly Digests are published every Friday and summarize the week's publicly disclosed activity. Press releases are published as news happens.

FEC Record articles inform candidates and committees about FEC developments and are published as news happens. Access Record articles from 1975 through 2004 on the Record archive page. Tips for Treasurers are published once a week.

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New election cycle begins

November 4, 2020, marked the beginning of a new election cycle for 2022 House campaigns, 2024 Presidential campaigns and 2026 Senate campaigns. For reporting purposes, campaigns aggregate receipts and disbursements …

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Election Day resources

Election Day is Tuesday, November 3. The FEC administers the federal campaign finance laws, and has no jurisdiction over the laws that relate to voting, voter fraud and intimidation, ballot …

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Last-minute disclosure periods begin

With the November 3 general election approaching, many filers may be required to submit additional notices to disclose last-minute activity.

  • Campaign committees must disclose within 48 hours any contribution of …
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Reporting earmarked contributions

In the run-up to a general election, federal candidate committees frequently receive earmarked contributions, which come with specific reporting requirements.

An earmarked contribution is a contribution that a contributor directs …

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Got primary debt?

Did you know that a campaign committee may be able to accept additional contributions after an election to retire campaign debt?

If a campaign committee has net debts outstanding after …

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Party GOTV activity is FEA

Party committees conducting get-out-the-vote (GOTV) activity now should be aware that such activity is considered to be federal election activity (FEA) under the Act. As such, it must be paid …

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