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Explanations and Justifications conversion tables: Appendix - Parts 9032-9038

The Explanations and Justifications Appendix lists current regulations that were previously cited at different sections of the regulations. The Appendix is designed to be used in conjunction with the citation index. To locate the Explanation and Justification (E&J) for the earlier cite, refer to the citation index as linked on this page.

Part 9032: Definitions

Current regulation Previously cited at:
9032.1 (b) 9032.1(a)
- (d) 9032.1(b)
9032.4 - 130.8 & 130.9
9032.11 - 9032.10

Part 9033: Eligibility for Payments

Current regulation Previously cited at:
9033.1 (a)(1) 9033.1(a) & (b)
- (b)(1) & (3) 9033.1(a) & (b)
9033.2 (a)(1) 9033.2
- (b)(3) 9033.2(c)(1)
9033.11 - 9033.1(a)(1)

Part 9034: Entitlements

Current regulation Previously cited at:
9034.2 (c)(6) 9034.3(i)
9034.5 (a) 9034.5(a) & (b)
- (e) 9034.5(c)
(f)(2) 9034.5(d)
- (f)(3) 9034.5(f)(2)
- (g) 9034.5(e)

Part 9035: Expenditure Limitations

Current regulation Previously cited at:
9035.1 (d) 9035.1(b)

Part 9036: Review of Submission and Certification of Payments by Commission

Current regulation Previously cited at:
9036.1 (a) 9033.2(e)
- (b)(8) 9036.1(b)(7)
- (b)(9) 9036.1(b)(8)
- (c)(1) 9036.1(a)

Part 9038: Examinations and Audits

Current regulation Previously cited at:
9038.1 (a)(1) 9038.1(a)
- (a)(2) 9038.1(b)