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Explanations and Justifications (E&Js) conversion tables: Appendix

The Appendix lists current regulations that were previously cited at different sections of the regulations. The Appendix is designed to be used in conjunction with the Citation Index. To locate the Year and Explanation and Justification (E&J) for the earlier cite, click the supplied link to navigate to the Citation Index.


To identify the previous citations for 11 CFR 100.2:

  1. Go to the list on this page and locate Part 100.
  2. Scroll down on the appendix page for Part 100 to the line for 100.2. Follow along the row to the right column, which notes the regulation was previously cited at 100.6.
  3. To locate the E&J for 100.6, click the link in the right column which will take you to the Citation Index for Part 100.
  4. Scroll down the Citation Index to find the line that includes 100.6 to locate previous E&Js for that citation. For this example, you will find that the definition of election (now located at 100.2) was previously cited at 100.6 in 1975, and again in 1977. To review the previous E&Js for the term "election," click on the links in the "Year" column.

E&Js Appendix table of contents

Non-FECA Regulations, Parts 2-8

General Regulations, Parts 100-116

BCRA Regulations, Part 300

Presidential General Election Funding and Convention Regulations, Parts 9004-9008

Presidential Primary Matching Fund Regulations, Parts 9032-9038

Conversion Table for 1979 and 1980 Regulations

As a result of the 1979 Amendments to the Federal Election Campaign Act, the regulations were reorganized and many citations were changed. This conversion index sorts out the changes that occurred to Parts 100-115 and 9008 as a result of those amendments. However, the table does not include those sections that were not altered by the 1979 Amendments and the resulting revisions to the regulations.

Other E&J indexes

Citation Index

In the Citation Index, the E&Js are indexed by citation. The citations are listed numerically, then indexed chronologically.

Chronological Index

The Chronological Index indexes the E&Js by decade, then by the date of transmittal to Congress or publication in the Federal Register