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Naming the SSF

Include full name of sponsor

An SSF’s connected organization—often called the sponsoring organization—is the organization that establishes, administers, or financially supports the SSF. The official name of an SSF must include the full name of the connected organization (including “Inc.” or “Corp.” if applicable). In the SSF name, standard abbreviations for “Company,” “Association” and similar words are acceptable. The full committee name may also include the acronym “PAC.” Thus, an acceptable name for an SSF sponsored by Acme Industries Corp. would be “Acme Industries Corp. PAC.”

Joint SSFs

If an SSF is jointly sponsored by two or more organizations, the full names of both organizations must appear in the name of the SSF.

(If a connected organization has a parent company or subsidiaries, the names of those corporations do not need to be included in the name of the SSF, unless more than one company is sponsoring the SSF.)

Abbreviated name

An SSF may use a shortened form of its official name on its checks and letterhead. The shortened name must include a clearly recognizable acronym or form of the connected organization’s name.

The SSF must include the abbreviated name, along with the full name, on:

  • The Statement of Organization;
  • All reports and notices filed by the committee; and
  • Any disclaimer notices used by the committee in public political advertisements.


In AO 2000-34 (SAPPI PAC), the Commission ruled that SAPPI PAC was an acceptable abbreviation for SAPPI Fine Paper North America/S.D. Warren Company PAC because the acronym “SAPPI” was used in various well-known financial reference sources, thus establishing that it was a clearly recognized acronym by which the connected organization was known. In AO 1980-23 (Agricultural and Dairy Educational Political Trust), “Mid–Am PAC” was not a permissible abbreviation for Mid-American Dairymen, Inc.’s SSF because it did not recognizably identify the sponsoring organization.