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House, Senate and presidential candidate committee registration

A campaign committee must register by filing a Statement of Organization (Form 1) with the FEC.

A new committee must file a Statement of Organization within 10 days of being officially designated by a candidate on his or her Statement of Candidacy. The Statement of Organization collects basic information, including the full name of the committee, its address, its committee type and its treasurer.

A committee that’s already registered with the FEC must amend its existing Statement of Organization within 10 days of any change in the information on its current Statement of Organization. This includes things like a change in committee name or address. Committees will retain their existing FEC identification number.

Register a candidate committee using one of the following options:

Read additional Statement of Organization instructions.

Registration confirmation

The FEC processes each committee’s Form 1 upon receipt, and within a week sends a confirmation email to the address(es) provided on the form. The email provides the committee’s FEC identification number, identifies the Campaign Finance Analyst assigned to review the committee’s reports and provides links to helpful compliance information available on the FEC’s website. Committees that do not provide an email address receive comparable information by postal mail.

Changes in committee officers and/or contact information

A committee must report any change or correction of information contained in its Statement of Organization within 10 days after the change.

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