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Filing amendments

Committees amend filings for a variety of reasons, including to:

Amending Statements of Organization

A committee must report any change or correction of information contained in its Statement of Organization within 10 days after the change. A committee may have to file an amendment, for example, to report a new treasurer, a new assistant treasurer, a new email address, a new joint fundraising committee authorized by the candidate, a change of address or a new campaign depository. The committee must indicate on Form 1 (or in a letter, if the committee does not file electronically) that the statement is an amendment to its registration.

The amount of information required on an amended Statement of Organization depends on whether the committee files on paper or electronically.

If the committee files electronically, submit a fully completed Form 1. Note that some electronic filing software may show the first electronically filed Form 1 as "new" rather than "amended." However, if a Form 1 was previously filed, the Statement of Organization will be identified by the FEC as an amendment upon upload.

In the case of paper filers, the Form 1 or letter needs to include:

  • The name and address of the committee (Line 1)
  • The date the change took effect (Line 2)
  • The FEC ID number (Line 3)
  • An indication that the statement is an amendment to the Statement of Organization (Line 4)
  • The changed information (appropriate line number)
  • The name and signature of the treasurer (or assistant treasurer)
  • The date signed

Amending Statements of Candidacy (for House, Senate and presidential filers)

A candidate must report any change or correction of information contained in the Statement of Candidacy within 10 days after the change. The candidate may have to file an amendment, for example, to report changes to the candidate’s office sought, state, district, or party affiliation. If a candidate authorizes additional political committees to accept contributions or make expenditures of his or her behalf, such as authorizing a joint fundraising committee, then the candidate must file an amended Form 2 within 10 days to update the information.

When a candidate amends information on the Statement of Candidacy, these changes must also be reflected on an amended Form 1.

Amending reporting forms

The committee must file an amended report if it:

  • Discovers that an earlier report contained erroneous information
  • Does not obtain all the required information concerning a particular transaction in time to include it in the appropriate report

Electronic filers

If a committee is an electronic filer, it's required to file all subsequent reports and documents electronically.

To amend reporting forms such as Reports of Receipts and Disbursements (Form 3, 3X, or 3P), electronic filers must electronically resubmit the entire report, not just the amended portions. The committee must check the box indicating that the document is an amended report. The amendments must be formatted to comply with the Electronic Filing Specifications Requirements.

A Miscellaneous Text Submission (Form 99) may be used for narrative responses that do not affect actual entries within a report (for example, when outlining the committee’s procedures for making “best efforts” to obtain contributor information).

Occasionally, an electronic filer may need to amend a report filed when the committee was a paper filer, or may receive a Request for Additional Information referencing a report filed with the FEC on paper forms. Because the report was originally submitted on paper, it should be amended using paper forms.

Paper filers

When filing an amended report, the committee should complete the Summary Page (including the treasurer’s signature) and check the box indicating that the document is an amended report.

In addition to the Summary Page, the committee should file a corrected version of the schedule that contained the incomplete or incorrect itemized information in the earlier report, along with a revised Detailed Summary Page, if appropriate. Transactions originally reported correctly do not need to be itemized again. The Commission recommends that the treasurer attach a cover letter explaining the change.

Amending subsequently filed reports

If there is a change in the committee’s amended report, i.e., increased or decreased activity that affects cash on hand, aggregate or election cycle-to-date figures, the committee must also amend any subsequent reports affected by the change. For electronic filers using FECFile, the program will automatically generate amendments for all subsequent reports to be uploaded.