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Request for Additional Information (RFAI)

An RFAI is your opportunity to correct or explain report information for the public record. You receive an RFAI when the Commission needs additional clarification or identifies an error, omission or possible prohibited activity.

By default, if you included an email address on your Statement of Organization (Form 1), you’ll receive RFAIs by email. Otherwise, you’ll get them by regular mail.

Why you received an RFAI

The FEC’s Reports Analysis Division (RAD) decides whether to send an RFAI through an internal, Commission-approved review policy. RAD applies this policy and its thresholds to all committees on a per report basis. This means you may respond to an RFAI for one report and still receive an RFAI for the same issue on future reports.

Responding to an RFAI

You have 35 days from the date of the RFAI letter to respond. The response due date is located on the upper righthand corner of your letter.

Respond to the RFAI as soon as possible. The FEC can’t issue an extension under any circumstances, and failure to respond may result in further Commission action.

The RFAI letter explains what information the FEC needs from your committee. When composing your response, use this website's data section to access any reports and submissions you need.

Resource constraints limit the FEC's ability to reach out when it receives your responses and amendments. The last paragraph of the RFAI lists your FEC analyst.Contact your analyst with any questions or concerns. If you have further questions, please contact the Reports Analysis Division at (202) 694-1130.

Example RFAI.png

Lost RFAIs

Find and print your RFAI.