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Purposes of disbursement

Committees must keep a record of each disbursement, including the disbursement's purpose. The purpose is a brief but specific description of why the disbursement was made, such as "dinner expense" or "postage."

As a general rule, consider whether a person who is not associated with the committee could easily discern why the disbursement was made by reading the name of the recipient and the purpose.

Please note that the lists below are not exhaustive and were revised on 8/21/18.

Inadequate purposes of disbursement

Admin. Event Expense Office Supplies (to an individual)
Administrative Expenses (to vendor) Event Reimbursement Operating Expenses
Advance Event Supplies (to an individual) Other Expenses
Advocacy Expense Reimbursement Outreach
Benefits (to an individual) Expenses Outside Services
Bonus Fees Overhead
Bounty Field Party Development
Campaign Expense Fundraising (to an individual) Payment
Campaign Material Fundraising Event (to an individual) Production
Caucus Fundraising Expense (to an individual) Professional Fees
Charges Fundraising Fees (to an individual) Professional Fees – Consulting
Coalition Building Fundraising Supplies (to an individual) Professional Services
Collateral and Collateral Materials General Advice Promotional Material
Commission General GOTV Publication
Compensation General or Generic Consulting Push Card
Constituent Outreach Generic Campaign Activity Reimbursement
Consultant Get-Out-The-Vote or GOTV Rendered Service
Consulting Gifts Retainer (to an individual)
Consulting Non-FEA GOTV Expenses Revenue Shares
Consulting Service GOTV Labor Services or Services Rendered
Contract Grassroots Materials State Convention
Contract Labor In-Kind (unless an adequate purpose is provided on the Schedule A receipt) Supplies (to an individual)
Contractual Services Invoice Support
Convention Expenses Issue Advocacy Technology
Convention Services Labor Transfer (Based on type of committee and relationship with the recipient)
Costs Literature Utilities (to an individual)
Delegate Meeting (to an individual) Voter Bounty
Delegate Expenses Meeting Expenses (to an individual) Voter Contact
Design Meeting Supplies (to an individual) Voter Drive
Discount Fees Miscellaneous Expense Voter ID or Voter Identification
Election Day/ Night Expense (to an individual) Miscellaneous or Misc. Voter Registration
Entertainment Office Expense (to an individual) Voter Turnout
Equipment or Equipment Rental (to an individual) Office Services Worker

Adequate purposes of disbursement

Accounting/ Accounting Services Food and/or Beverage(s) Pins
Administrative Levy Fundraiser – Food/ Beverages/ Rental/ Entertainment Polling
Administrative Services (to an individual) Fundraising (to a vendor) Postage
Advertising - Radio, TV, Newspaper, or Print Fundraising Commission Posters
Airfare Fundraising Event (to a vendor) Printing
Ballot Fee/ Ballot Access Fee Fundraising Expense/ Fundraising Fees (to a vendor) Processing Fee(s)
Bank Fee/ Bank Charge Fundraising supplies (to a vendor) Registration/Registration Fee
Bonus - Per Contract Garnishment Rent
Cab Fare/ Taxi Fare GOTV Phone Calls Research/ Research Services
Caging and Escrow Graphic Design Residential Security Expenses
Campaign Event Hand Bills/ Cards Salary
Campaign Literature Interest Charges Sample Ballots
Canvassing Internet Service Security
Car Rental Legal/ Legal Fees/ Legal Services Service Fee (to a financial institution/processor)
Catering Letterhead/Envelopes/ Stationary Shipping
Check Fee List Acquisition Signs
Compliance/ Reporting/ Filing Services Lodging/ Hotel Slate Card Mailer
Computer (Equipment/ Programming/ Support) Logo Design Slate Card(s)
Constituent Gifts/ Donor Gifts/ Staff Gifts/ Supporter Gifts Meal(s) Software/Software Licensing
Consultant (see Adequate Consultant Purposes) Media Subscription
Copying/ Copies Meeting/ Meeting Expense/ Meeting Supplies (to a vendor) Survey/ Survey Research
Courier Service Mileage/ Mileage Reimbursement Sustaining Membership – Phone Bank
Credit Card Fee/ Merchant Fee Office Equipment/ Office Equipment Rental Taxes
Database Services Office Supplies/ Office Expense (to a vendor) Technical/Computer Support
Delivery/ Delivery Services PAC Newsletter Teleconferencing Services
Direct Mail Services PAC Postage Telephone/ Phone/ Cell Phone/ Mobile Phone Service
Direct Marketing Palm Cards Translation Fee
Door Hangers Parking Transportation
Door-to-Door Get-Out-the-Vote (GOTV) Payroll Travel
Election Day/ Night Venue (to vendor) Payroll Processing Fees Utilities (to a vendor)
Equipment/ Equipment Rental (to vendor) Per Diem/ Petty Cash/ Stipend Wages
Event Sponsor/ Program Sponsor/ Table Sponsor Petitioning Web Hosting
Exit polling Phone Banks (to a vendor) Website Services
Facility/Room Rental Phone Bill Win Bonus
Fee (to a financial institution/processor) Photography Services Year-End Bonus
Filing Fee- Candidate

Adequate consultant and consulting purposes

While “Consulting” is not an acceptable purpose, specifying the type of consulting services provided can help to ensure that the purpose is considered adequate. Please see examples below (purposes can be disclosed as “Consultant – (specific)” or as “(specific) Consulting”).

Accounting Consulting Fundraising Consulting Media Consulting
Administrative Consulting General Campaign Consulting Microtargeting Consulting
Campaign Consulting GOTV Consulting Political Consulting
Communications Consulting Internet Consulting Political Strategy Consulting
Compliance Consulting Issue(s) Consulting Polling Consulting
Design Consulting Legal Consulting Research Consulting
Digital Consulting Logistics Consulting Strategic Planning Consulting
Financial (finance) Consulting Management Consulting Strategy Consulting