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Online solicitations for the SSF

Internet or intranet web pages

A connected organization or the SSF may maintain a website or an intranet page that provides information about the SSF, including information about how to inquire further about the SSF. In such cases, the following rules regarding the restricted class apply:

  • The SSF must confine any solicitation to areas of the website accessible only to the restricted class via a password. Note that a universal password is permissible, provided it is only distributed to members of the restricted class.
  • The SSF must ensure that any part of the website accessible to those outside the restricted class includes a statement that federal law prohibits soliciting contributions from outside the restricted class and that such contributions will be returned to the contributor; and
  • The SSF must closely monitor contributions to prevent the receipt of contributions from outside the restricted class.

As many contributions made online are made in the form of a credit card, the SSF and its connected organization must screen and vet contributors to ensure that online contributions come from permissible sources. The date of the contribution is considered to be the date the contribution was authorized by the contributor.

Email solicitations

The SSF or its connected organization may maintain an email listserv (electronic mailing list) to send SSF solicitations via email to members of the restricted class. All of the requisite notices must be incorporated into such an email.

Requests for prior approval

A trade association SSF may accept corporate members' electronic signatures as written prior authorization to solicit the restricted class of their corporate members. The electronic authorization may be obtained through email or a website. In either case, the trade association must verify that:

  • The prior approval forms were available only to representatives of corporate members; and
  • Each electronic signature came from the specific corporate representative.

Furthermore, a copy of the electronic approval had to be maintained, in a readily available form, for three years.