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Monthly filers (election-year)

SSFs that choose to file monthly during an election year will submit 12 reports covering their financial activity:

  • Nine monthly reports
  • One pre-general report
  • One post-general report
  • One year-end report (in January following the election year)

Monthly filers don’t have to file pre-primary or special election reports.

Monthly reports

Report type Dates covered (full month) Due
Monthly (Form 3X) January
February 20
March 20
April 20
May 20
June 20
July 20
August 20
September 20
October 20
Pre-general (Form 3X) October 1 through the 20th day before the general election 12 days before the general election or postmarked 15 days before the general election, if you file by registered, certified or overnight mail
Post-general (Form 3X) Close of pre-general report through the 20th day after the general election 30 days after the general election
Year-end (Form 3X) Close of post-general report through December 31 January 31 (following year)

Access Form 3X and its step-by-step instructions.