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  • Tips for Treasurers

Switching filing frequency?

February 4, 2019

Party committees that do not conduct reportable federal election activity and all PACs have the option to file reports on a "monthly" or "quarterly" filing schedule. Some committees prefer to file reports on a monthly basis during an election year, and on a less-frequent, quarterly basis during a nonelection year (such as 2019).

PACs and party committees are permitted to switch FEC filing frequencies one time per year. To switch your committee's filing frequency in 2019, send a letter (paper filers only) or a Form 99 indicating that you will now be filing reports on the other schedule.

If you are switching from monthly to quarterly filing in 2019, be aware that quarterly filing PACs and party committees file reports only twice in non-election years (a mid-year report due 7/31/19 and a year-end report due 1/31/20). However, additional reports may be required if these committees make contributions or expenditures in connection with a special election.