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  • FEC Record: Compliance

FEC cites 30 campaigns for failure to file Pre-General report (2016)

November 4, 2016

The Federal Election Commission has cited 30 campaign committees for failing to file the 12-Day Pre-General Report required by the Federal Election Campaign Act of 1971, as amended (the Act).

As of November 3, the required disclosure report had not been received from:

  • Campaign to Elect Steven Reynolds for US Congress (TN-04)
  • Citizens for August (O'Neill) Deuser (IL-01)
  • Cleveland for Congress (SC-03)
  • Committee to Elect Florida's Candidate, Basil E Dalack to the US Senate (FL)
  • Committee to Elect Jesse T Smith for Congress (AL-03)
  • Committee to Elect Michael Cole District 14 (TX-14)
  • Committee to Elect Timmy Westley (TX-15)
  • Connors for Senate (OH)
  • Crumpton for Alabama (AL)
  • Derickson K for Congress (NY-16)
  • Donald Endriss Committee to Elect for US Congress District 23 (FL-23)
  • Dr Fox 2016 (CA-18)
  • Elect Dr. McKellar U.S. Congress (TX-01)
  • Eve Nunez for US Congress (AZ-07)
  • Faust for Congress (LA-01)
  • Friends of Lenny McAllister (PA-14)
  • Friends of Matt Detch (WV-03)
  • Friends of Mike Lorentz for Congress (OH-06)
  • Friends of Tony Gumina (NV)
  • HEROJSLC2016 (AZ)
  • Lily for US Senate (CO)
  • Machat for Senate Campaign Committee (FL)
  • Mark Gibson for Congress (TX-22)
  • Mike Molesevich for Congress (PA-10)
  • Misty K Snow for US Senate (UT)
  • Pellerin for US Senate LLC) LA)
  • Sam Gaskins for Congress (KY-01)
  • Scott L. Fenstermaker (NY-13)
  • The Committee to Elect Derrick Edwards (LA)
  • Woolridge Campaign (TX-06)

The Pre-General report was due on October 27, 2016, and should have included financial activity for the period October 1, 2016, through October 19, 2016. If sent by certified or registered mail, the report should have been postmarked by October 24. The Commission notified committees of their pre-general election filing requirements on October 3. Those committees that did not file by the due date were sent notification on October 28 that their reports had not been received and that their names would be published if they did not respond within four business days.

Some individuals and their committees have no obligation to file reports under federal campaign finance law, even though their names may appear on state ballots. If an individual raises or spends $5,000 or less, he or she is not considered a "candidate" subject to reporting under the Act.

Other political committees that support federal candidates, but are not authorized units of a candidate's campaign, also may have been required to file a pre-general election report. Those committee names are not published by the FEC.

Further Commission action against non-filers and late filers is decided on a case-by-case basis. Federal law gives the FEC broad authority to initiate enforcement actions, and the FEC has implemented an Administrative Fine program with provisions for assessing monetary penalties.