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  • Press Release

Compliance Cases Made Public

January 5, 2001

For Immediate Release:                                                                                             Contact:   Kelly Huff
January 05, 2001                                                                                                                          Ron Harris
                                                                                                                                                        Sharon Snyder
                                                                                                                                                        Ian Stirton



WASHINGTON -- The Federal Election Commission has recently made public its final action on 27 matters previously under review (MURs). This release contains only summary information. Closed files should be thoroughly read for details, including the FEC’s legal analysis of the case. (See footnote at the end of this release.) Closed MUR files are available in the Public Records Office.


1. MUR 4922


RESPONDENTS: Suburban O’Hare Commission, John C. Geils, Chairman (IL)


COMPLAINANT: Brent Christensen (IL)


SUBJECT: Corporate contribution, failure to report independent expenditures, disclaimer


DISPOSITION: Failed to pass motion to find reason to believe*


2. MUR 4934


RESPONDENTS: (a) Angel Morey (PR)

(b) Honorable Carlos Romero-Barecelo (PR)

(c) Comite Eleccion de Carlos Romero-Barcelo el Congresso, Inc.,

Miguel J. Carbonell, treasurer (PR)

(d) Dr. Carlos Rodriguez-Mateo (PR)

(e) Domingo Garcia Camacho (PR)

(f) Andres Sanchez Delgado (PR)


COMPLAINANT: Honorable Aníbal Acevedo Vilá


SUBJECT: Excessive contributions


DISPOSITION: (a) No reason to believe*

(b-f) Took no action*


3. MUR 4960


RESPONDENTS: (a) Hillary Rodham Clinton (DC)

(b) Hillary Rodham Clinton for US Senate Exploratory Committee, William J. Cunningham, III, treasurer (DC)

(c) Kaki Hockersmith (AR)

(d) Carolyn Huber (TX)


COMPLAINANTS: Judicial Watch, Thomas J. Fitton, President and Robert J.

Corry, Jr., Esq (DC)


SUBJECT: Excessive contributions (in the form of a loan and services rendered)


DISPOSITION: (a-d) No reason to believe*


4. MUR 4967


RESPONDENTS: Mississippi Democratic Party Political Action Committee, Jodie Robinson, treasurer (MS)



SUBJECT: Failure to file disclosure reports timely


DISPOSITION: Conciliation Agreement: $20,000 civil penalty*


5. MUR 4972


RESPONDENTS: (a) Darrell E. Issa (CA)

(b) Issa for Congress, Betty Presley, treasurer (CA)

(c) Bill Horn for US Senate, Ralph G. Jensen, treasurer (CA)

(d) Scott Taylor (CA)


COMPLAINANTS: Bill Morrow, Bill Morrow for Congress Committee (CA)


SUBJECT: Failure to accurately report disbursements; excessive contributions


DISPOSITION: (a-d) No reason to believe*


6. MUR 5030


RESPONDENTS: Bob Greenlee for Congress Committee, Claire Beckman, treasurer (CO)




SUBJECT: Failure to file 48-hour reports


DISPOSITION: Conciliation Agreement: $3,800 civil penalty*


7. MUR 5095


RESPONDENTS: American Federation of Government Employees’ Political Action Committee, Bobby L. Harnage, treasurer (DC)




SUBJECT: Failure to file disclosure report timely


DISPOSITION: Conciliation Agreement: $ 1,250 civil penalty*


8. MUR 5129 / Pre- MUR 394


RESPONDENTS: Larry E. Johnson for Congress Congressional Committee, Marcia J. Johnson, treasurer (CO)




SUBJECT: Disclaimer


DISPOSITION: Reason to believe, but took no further action*

Sent admonishment letter.


The Enforcement Priority System (EPS) rates all incoming cases against objective criteria to determine whether they warrant use of the Commission’s limited resources.

Cases dismissed under EPS fall into two categories: low-rated cases and stale cases. Low rated cases are those that do not warrant use of the Commission’s resources to pursue because of their lower significance relative to other pending matters. Stale cases are those that initially received a higher rating but have remained unassigned for a significant period due to a lack of staff resources for effective investigation. Effective enforcement relies upon the timely pursuit of complaints and referrals to ensure compliance with the law. Investigations concerning activity more remote in time usually require a greater commitment of resources, primarily due to the fact that the evidence of such activity becomes more difficult to develop as it ages. The utility of commencing an investigation declines as these cases age, until they reach a point when activation of a case would not be an efficient use of the Commission’s resources. As cases reach this point, they are recommended for dismissal.

Dismissed - Stale

9. Pre-MUR 388



United Steelworkers of America, Local 2285 (MA)


COMPLAINANT: Referral by Mark Letizi, District Director, Office of

Labor-Management (MA)


SUBJECT: Union contributions


10. Pre-MUR 392


RESPONDENT: First National Bank of Johns Creek (GA)


COMPLAINANTS: Referral by Robert B. Serino, Deputy Chief Counsel, Comptroller of the Currency, Administrator of National Banks (DC)


SUBJECT: National bank contribution



Dismissed - Low Priority

11. MUR 4892


RESPONDENTS: (a) Monica Monica MD Congress Committee, Thomas Long, treasurer (LA)

(b) Americans for Term Limits (AR)


COMPLAINANTS: Kenneth A. Weiss, Esq., on behalf of Rob Couhig and David Vitter (LA)


SUBJECT: Independent expenditure


12. MUR 4899


RESPONDENTS: (a) Texans for Good Government PAC, Floyd E. Hodges, Jr.,

treasurer (TX)

(b) Ed Hodges, Executive Director, Texans for Good Government


(c) Heidi M. Lange, Vice-Chair, Texans for Good Government


(d) Loretta S. Campbell, Chair, Texans for Good Government


(e) Honorable Pete Sessions (TX)

(f) Pete Sessions for Congress, Darby Strickland, treasurer (TX)

(g) George W. Strake, Jr. (TX)

(h) Jack Rains (TX) (i) Al G. Hill, Jr. (TX)

(j) Orlando Sanchez (TX) (k) Ray Allen (TX)

(l) Ron Clark (TX) (m) Gary Elkins (TX)

(n) Will Harnett (TX) (o) Talmadge Heflin (TX)

(p) Carl Islett (TX) (q) Elvira Reyna (TX)

(r) James L. Blythe, Sr. (TX) (s) Alfonso Jackson (TX)

(t) Dan and Gail Cook (TX) (u) Felix Chen (TX)


COMPLAINANTS: Texas Democratic Party, Molly Beth Malcom, Chair (TX)


SUBJECT: Failure to register and report; use of non-federal (state) funds for a federal election; disclaimer; corporate contributions; excessive contributions; issue ads



13. MUR 4930


RESPONDENTS: (a) Clinton/Gore ’96 General Committee, Joan Pollitt, treasurer (DC)

(b) American Federation of Teachers (DC)

(c) International Brotherhood of Teamsters (DC)


COMPLAINANT: Philip L. Stimac (CA)


SUBJECT: Union contributions


14. MUR 4945


RESPONDENTS: (a) Joe Baca (CA)

(b) Friends of Joe Baca, William P. Smith, treasurer (CA)


COMPLAINANTS: Donald F. McGahn, II, General Counsel, National Republican Congressional Committee (DC)


SUBJECT: Disclaimer; use of state taxpayer funds for federal election


15. MUR 4954


RESPONDENTS: (a) Ulster County Republican Committee, Mabel Osterhudt, treasurer (NY)

(b) Peter J. Savageo, Chairman, Ulster County Republican Committee (NY)

(c) Rensselaer County Republican Committee and its treasurer (NY)

(d) James A. Walsh, Chairman, Rensselaer County Republican Committee (NY)

(e) George W. Bush for President, Inc. David Herndon, treasurer (TX)


COMPLAINANTS: William A. Dal Col, President, Forbes 2000, Inc. (VA)


SUBJECT: Excessive contributions; corporate contributions; disclaimer


16. MUR 4958


RESPONDENT: Peter Roskam (IL)


COMPLAINANTS: Jeff Shulem, Chief Financial Officer, Data + Imagination, Inc. (IL)


SUBJECT: Failure to disclose and pay debts


17. MUR 4971


RESPONDENTS: (a) Bill Morrow (CA)

(b) Bill Marrow for Congress, William J. Marvin, treasurer (CA)

(c) Russo Marsh & Associates, Inc. (CA)

(d) Salvatore E. Russo, President, Russo Marsh & Associates, Inc.(CA)

(e) Anthony Marsh, Vice President, Russo Marsh & Associates, Inc. (CA)

(f) Dave Wolfson (CA) (g) Matt Keelen (CA)

(h) Keith Battle (CA) (i) Matt Zandi (CA)

(j) Heather Cope (CA)


COMPLAINANTS: Dale Neugebauer, Campaign Manager, Darrell Issa for US Congress (CA)


SUBJECT: Failure to itemize or report disbursments; corporate contributions


18. MUR 4975


RESPONDENTS: (a) Honorable Mike Honda (CA)

(b) Mike Honda for Congress, James E. Towery, treasurer (CA)


COMPLAINANTS: Ash Pirayou, General Counsel, Peacock for Congress (CA)


SUBJECT: (a-b) Disclaimers


19. MUR 4980


RESPONDENTS: Mike Honda for Congress, James E. Towery, treasurer (CA)


COMPLAINANTS: Ash Pirayou, General Counsel, Peacock for Congress (CA)


SUBJECT: Failure to provide contributor information and demonstrate best efforts


20. MUR 4985


RESPONDENTS: (a) Dooley for Congress, Evert L. Ballard, treasurer (MO)

(b) Charlie A. Dooley (MO)

(c) McCullough for Prosecutor Committee and treasurer (MO)

(d) Citizens for Buzz Westfall, Michael W. Flynn, treasurer (MO)

(e) Shalowitz for State Senate Committee, Jonathan Becker,

treasurer (MO)

(f) Diane Ryll (MO)

(g) Normandy Township Regular Democratic Club, Everett Ballard, treasurer (MO)


COMPLAINANT: Rickey Jamerson (MO)

SUBJECT: Use of state (non-federal) funds in connection with federal election


21. MUR 4986


RESPONDENTS: (a) Bush for President, Inc., David Herndon, treasurer (TX)

(b) Denver Broncos (CO)


COMPLAINANT: Mrs. Marion Zeitz (CO)


SUBJECT: Corporate contribution


22. MUR 4988


RESPONDENTS: (a) Friends of Tim Johnson, James Bray, treasurer (IL)

(b) Tom Berns for State Representative, Fred Reiter, treasurer (IL)

(c) Tom Berns (IL)


COMPLAINANT: Joseph Whelan (IL)


SUBJECT: Corporate contributions; disclaimer; failure to report expenditures


23. MUR 4991


RESPONDENTS: (a) Dick Zimmer (NJ)

(b) Zimmer 2000 Inc., Maria Chappa, treasurer (NJ)

(c) Patricia M. Reilly (NJ)

(d) Brian M. Nelson (NJ)


COMPLAINANT: James F. Klein (NJ)


SUBJECT: Disclaimers



24. MUR 4993


RESPONDENTS: (a) Tom Foley (PA)

(b) Tom Foley for US Senate , Frank M. Vaccaro Jr., treasurer (PA)

(c) Obermayer, Rebmann, Maxwell & Hipple LLP (PA)


COMPLAINANTS: Phil Berg, Phil Berg for US Senate (PA)


SUBJECT: Corporate/excessive contributions; failure to report disbursements; failure to pay employee taxes


25. MUR 4995


RESPONDENTS: (a) Honorable Anthony David Weiner (NY)

(b) Friends of Weiner, Christopher Bellitti, treasurer (NY)

(c) United Snacks, Inc. (NY)

(d) M & R Management Co., Inc. (NY)




SUBJECT: Corporate contributions; use of non-federal (state) funds


26. MUR 5003


RESPONDENTS: (a) Bush for President, Inc., David Herndon, treasurer (TX)

(b) Denver Broncos (CO)

(c) Pat Bowlen , President and Chief Executive Officer,

Denver Broncos (CO)

(d) Jacor Broadcasting of Colorado, Inc. (850 KOA) (CO)


COMPLAINANT: Kai Kestutis Abelkis (CO)


SUBJECT: Corporate contribution


27. MUR 5005


RESPONDENTS: Toltz 2000, Karen Rokala, treasurer (CO)


COMPLAINANTS: Donald F. McGahn, II, General Counsel, National Republican Congressional Committee (DC)


SUBJECT: Failure to itemize PAC contributions; failure to accurately report in-kind contributions; excessive contribution


*There are four administrative stages to the FEC enforcement process:

1. Receipt of proper complaint       3. "Probable cause" stage

2. "Reason to believe" stage       4. Conciliation stage

It requires the votes of at least four of the six Commissioners to take any action. The FEC can close a case at any point after reviewing a complaint. If a violation is found and conciliation cannot be reached, then the FEC can institute a civil court action against a respondent.

# # #