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Federal account expenses

National party committees

National party committees may not allocate any expenses because all disbursements by national party accounts must be paid entirely with federal funds.

State and local party committees

Certain expenses must be funded solely from the committee’s federal account, as explained.

Fundraising for the federal account

State, district, and local party committees that raise federal funds through an activity where only federal funds are raised must pay the direct costs of such fundraising only with federal funds. Party fundraising solicitations must include certain notices.

Type 4 Federal Election Activity (FEA): Employee services any time during the calendar year

Salaries, wages, and fringe benefits of state, district and local party committee employees who spend more than 25 percent of their compensated time in a given month on Federal Election Activity or in connection with a federal election must be paid for solely with federal funds. The salaries and wages of employees who spend 25 percent or less of their compensated time in a given month in connection with a federal election or on FEA may be allocated as administrative costs using federal and nonfederal funds. (Salaries and wages of employees who spend no time in connection with a federal election or on FEA may be paid for with 100 percent nonfederal funds.)

Report disbursements for unallocated FEA (FEA paid for entirely with federal funds) including Type 4 FEA on Schedule B for Line 30(b) of the Detailed Summary Page.

Loan repayments

Loans made to the federal account must be repaid using funds from the federal account.