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How to report

Non-allocated Federal Election Activity

Certain types of Federal Election Activity (FEA) must be paid using 100 percent federal funds:

  • Type 3: A public communication that promotes, supports, attacks or opposes any federal candidate.
  • Type 4: Salaries, wages and fringe benefits of any employees who spend more than 25 percent of their compensated time in a given month on FEA or on activities in connection with a federal election.
  • Type 1 or Type 2 FEA that refers to a clearly identified federal candidate.
The Freedom Party State Committee pays for a billboard promoting their Congressperson. The billboard does not contain express advocacy and the party did not speak with the Congressperson about the ad.

Payments (Schedule B)

FEA paid for with 100 percent federal funds must be itemized on Schedule B, supporting Line 30(b).

Image of reporting example for a party's non-allocated FEA 01 on the Form 3X Schedule B

Freedom State Party Committee determined the activity is a public communication on behalf of a federal candidate and paid for it with 100 percent federal funds. It discloses the activity on Line 30(b) and includes the vendor’s name, address, date of disbursement, amount spent, and a clear purpose of disbursement. Since the activity is on behalf of a federal candidate, the committee also discloses the candidate’s identity.

Note: while all independent expenditures and certain coordinated party expenditures qualify as FEA and must be paid with 100 percent federal funds, they must be reported on Schedule E and Schedule F, respectively.

Public communications that do not qualify as exempt party activity or Federal Election Activity, refer to a clearly identified federal candidate, and expressly advocate the election or defeat of the federal candidate are be disclosed as:

Monthly reporting

Any state, district or local party committee that engages in reportable Federal Election Activity must file monthly.

Reporting with FECFile

To enter an expenditure for FEA paid entirely with federal funds, go to the Summary Page tab, right click on Line 30(b) and select "New."