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Federal Election Activity periods (2019)

According to Federal Election Commission regulations concerning "federal election activity" (FEA), political party committees that conduct FEA must pay for this activity with federally permissible funds or, in some cases, may allocate the costs between federal and Levin funds or pay for them entirely with Levin funds. For more information, please consult the regulations, referenced above, or see the FEC website for political party committees' making disbursements section.

In order to help committees determine whether their planned voter identification, get-out-the-vote and generic campaign activities will constitute FEA, the charts on this page list the relevant time frames for each 2019 special election.

2019 Federal Election Activity periods

Special election FEA period for voter ID, generic campaign activity & GOTV FEA voter registration period(s)
Pennsylvania 12th Congressional District Special General 01/25/19 - 05/21/19 n/a