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24- and 48-hour reports of independent expenditures (2019)

Political committees and other persons who make independent expenditures may have to disclose this activity within 48- or 24-hours based upon the date and amount of the expenditure.

The list below provides a breakdown of the periods during which 48- and 24-hour reports of Independent Expenditures must be filed in connection with 2019 special elections. For a chronological listing, consult the FEC Calendar.

Political Committees must use FEC Form 3X, Schedule E [PDF] to file 48- and 24-hour reports of independent expenditures. Persons who are not political committees must use FEC Form 5 [PDF].

Coverage periods for 48- and 24-hour reporting of independent expenditures in connection with 2019 special elections

Special election Election date 48-hour report period for IEs ends on 24-hour report period for IEs
Pennsylvania 12th Congressional District Special General 05/21/19 05/01/19 05/02/19 - 05/19/19