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AO 2004-14



Superseded in part by 2005 Electioneering Communication Regulations, 70 FR 75713, 75715 n.2 (December 21, 2005). Federal candidate's appearance in public service announcements not solicitation, coordinated communication or electioneering communication.


Final opinion June 10, 2004
Date Name Document type
06/14/2004 Dissenting Opinion (Commissioner Thomas) Commissioner Statements
06/10/2004 AO 2004-14 Final Opinion
06/10/2004 Vote Votes
06/03/2004 Draft AO (OGC), Agenda Document 04-52 Draft Documents
04/19/2004 Request by Representative Tom Davis AO Request, Supplemental Material, and Extensions of Time


Role Name Type
Requestor Davis, Tom Individual