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AO 1996-04



Public funding shortfalls and bridge loans.


Final opinion March 14, 1996
Date Name Document type
03/18/1996 Dissenting Opinion (Chairman Lee Ann Elliott) Commissioner Statements
03/14/1996 AO 1996-04 Final Opinion
03/13/1996 Vote Votes
03/08/1996 Draft AO for Comment prior to Commission vote Draft Documents
03/07/1996 Vote Votes
03/06/1996 Draft AO (OGC), Agenda Document No. 96-27-A Draft Documents
02/29/1996 Supplemental Material and Extension of Time from Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. AO Request, Supplemental Material, and Extensions of Time
02/23/1996 Draft AO (OGC), Agenda Doucment No. 96-27-A Draft Documents
02/22/1996 Draft AO (OGC), Agenda Document No. 96-27 Draft Documents
02/02/1996 Request by Lyndon H. Larouche, Jr. AO Request, Supplemental Material, and Extensions of Time


Role Name Type
Requestor LaRouche, Jr., Lyndon H. Individual
Counsel/Representative Schoener, James F. Individual