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Open government at the Federal Election Commission

The Federal Election Commission has been making campaign finance information available to the public for more than 40 years, and we continue to try to develop new forms and new information that will help people and groups understand how federal campaigns are funded. We're using this page to highlight some of those efforts and to ask you to help us determine how we can better serve your needs. There are a number of tools and methods we're using now.



We think these maps work really well for finding financial information for congressional and presidential campaigns.

Campaign finance reports

Download "bulk" data for further analysis

We also have a very comprehensive set of historical and current data.


We're also working hard to make the best use of technology as we help to educate people who must comply with the law.

Commission activities

Plain language

As required by the Plain Writing Act of 2010, we offer a Plain Language web page that highlights the FEC's long-standing commitment to clear communications. The page also lists staff you may contact with questions or concerns about our use of plain language.

How you can help

We'd like you to help us to continue to move ahead by offering your own suggestions about additional material you'd like to see and telling us what works and what doesn't as you find information here.