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  • Weekly Digests

Week of October 9 – October 13, 2017

October 13, 2017

Commission meetings and hearings


The Commission made public three closed cases, as follows. For more information, see the case documents in the Enforcement Query System.

MUR 7200

  • COMPLAINANT: FEC-Initiated
  • RESPONDENTS: Joni for Iowa and Cabell Hobbs, in his official capacity as treasurer (the Committee)
  • SUBJECT: In the normal course of carrying out its supervisory responsibilities, the Commission initiated proceedings to determine whether there was reason to believe the Committee failed to accurately disclose debts on its original 2014 July Quarterly Report, knowingly accepted excessive and prohibited contributions, and failed to timely refund excessive and prohibited contributions.
  • DISPOSITION: The Commission agreed to enter into a conciliation agreement providing for the Committee to pay a civil penalty of $14,500.

MUR 7211

  • COMPLAINANT: Loren Collins
  • RESPONDENTS: Thomas H. Patrick
  • SUBJECT: The complaint alleged that Patrick failed to report independent expenditures to the Commission and to include a required disclaimer in a public communication containing express advocacy.
  • DISPOSITION: The Commission found reason to believe Patrick failed to file independent expenditure reports and failed to include proper disclaimers in his mailer. The Commission then closed the file.

MUR 7247

  • COMPLAINANT: Self-Initiated
  • RESPONDENTS: Bell Nursery USA, LLC (Bell Nursery); and Gary L. Mangum
  • SUBJECT: Bell Nursery and Mangum notified the Commission that Bell Nursery made $17,587 in contributions in the name of Mangum, its president, Chief Executive Officer and part owner.
  • DISPOSITION: The Commission agreed to enter into a conciliation agreement providing for Bell Nursery and Mangum to pay a civil penalty of $6,700.

Administrative fines

The Commission made public one campaign finance enforcement matter that was resolved through its Administrative Fines (AF) program, as follows. For more information, see the case documents in the Enforcement Query System

AF 3324

Loretta Sanchez for Senate and Jane Leiderman, in her official capacity as treasurer. The Commission made a final determination and assessed a civil penalty of $949.



  • On October 5, Press Officer Judith Ingram and Deputy Press Officer Christian Hilland met with a group of students from George Washington University to discuss the Commission's disclosure systems.

  • On October 13, Deputy Press Officer Christian Hilland and Data Architect Paul Clark presented an overview of the Commission's new website to reporters participating in the Professional Development program at the National Press Club.

Federal Register

Upcoming Commission meetings and hearings

Meeting dates are subject to change. Please contact the Press Office the week of the scheduled meeting for confirmation.

Upcoming educational programs

  • November 14-15: Washington, DC Regional Conference for candidates, parties and separate segregated funds. Additional information is available on the Educational Outreach page of the Commission website.

Upcoming reporting due dates

  • October 15: October Quarterly Reports are due. For information on quarterly reporting dates, refer to the 2017 Quarterly Reporting page of the Commission website.

  • October 20: October Monthly Reports are due. For more information on monthly reporting dates, refer to the 2017 Monthly Reporting page of the Commission website.

Additional research materials

The Official 2016 Presidential General Election Results are available in the Library section of the website. This listing was compiled from the official vote totals published by state election offices.

Additional research materials about the agency, campaign finance information, and election results are available through the Library section of the Commission website.

The 2017 edition of the Combined Federal State Disclosure and Election Directory is available on the new Commission website. This publication identifies the federal and state agencies responsible for the disclosure of campaign finances, lobbying, personal finances, public financing, candidates on the ballot, election results, spending on state initiatives and other financial filings.

The FEC Record is available as a continuously updated online news source.

The 2017 edition of Title 11 of the Code of Federal Regulations can be downloaded from the website. To order printed copies, call (800) 424-9530 (press 6) or send an email to

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