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  • FEC Record: Outreach

Reporting notices enter the electronic age

July 1, 2007

The FEC has begun to send all courtesy materials to committees exclusively by electronic mail. Reporting reminders and mailings concerning changes in the law are no longer being sent by U.S. mail. As a result, it is important that every committee update its Statement of Organization (FEC Form 1) to disclose a current email address. Most committees registered with the FEC are already required to disclose an e-mail address on Form 1. Under 11 CFR 102.2(a)(1)(vii) and (viii), all mandatory electronic filers and the principal campaign committees of House and Senate candidates must provide an e-mail address.

The Commission’s decision to switch from paper to electronic mail will obviously improve the timeliness of its communications with committees, but that is only one of the advantages. Email will also offer opportunities for new types of communications and will simplify the process of providing information tailored specifically to each committee’s needs, all while saving tax dollars.

The Commission recognizes that disclosing a personal email address on a public document may raise privacy concerns. For that reason, committees may wish to create a separate email account intended solely for this purpose. As the agency begins to communicate with committees electronically, keeping that e-mail address current on the committee’s Statement of Organization will be essential.

To disclose a new email address, electronic filers must submit a complete electronic Form 1. Paper filers need only complete the committee identification section of the Form 1 and those portions that disclose a change. Copies of the Statement of Organization form are available from the Commission or on its website.

  • Author 
    • Meredith Metzler