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  • FEC Record: Public funding

Public funding repayment for 2012 Gary Johnson presidential campaign

November 28, 2016

On November 23, 2016, the Commission made public a repayment of public funds received from the 2012 campaign of presidential candidate Gary Johnson, and his principal campaign committee, Gary Johnson 2012, Inc.

After administrative review, the Commission determined that Gary Johnson and Gary Johnson 2012, Inc. must repay a total of $333,441 to the United States Treasury for matching funds received, based upon the use of public funds for non-qualified campaign expenses and for submitting contributions that were later determined to be ineligible for matching. The final repayment of $333,874.75 represents the repayment determination as well as accrued interest.

Federal law requires the Commission to audit every political committee established by a presidential candidate who receives public funds for the primary campaign. The audit determines whether the candidate was entitled to all of the matching funds received, whether the campaign used the matching funds in accordance with the law, whether the candidate is entitled to additional matching funds, and whether the campaign otherwise complied with the limitations, prohibitions and disclosure requirements of the election law. 26 U.S.C. § 9038; 11 CFR Part 9038.

Click here to view documents related to this repayment determination.


  • Author 
    • Dorothy Yeager
    • Enterprise Resource Analyst