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  • FEC Record: Advisory opinions

Pending advisory opinion requests as of July 31, 2022

August 8, 2022

Advisory opinion requests (AORs) pending before the Commission as of the end of the month are listed. Procedures for commenting on pending AORs are described here.

  • AOR 2022-11
    Solicitation of nonfederal funds by state parties and their chairs. (State Democracy Defenders PAC; received June 6, 2022.)
  • AOR 2022-12
    Provision of supporter names and contact information by nonconnected hybrid political committee to an individual who the committee seeks to draft to run for federal office. (Ready for Ron; received June 17, 2022.)
  • AOR 2022-13
    Conversion of leadership PAC to authorized committee of candidate. (Dr. Alan Gross / Northern Leadership PAC; received June 24, 2022.)
  • AOR 2022-14
    Technology corporation's provision of pilot program testing new features in email product to authorized candidate committees, political party committees, and leadership political action committees. (Google LLC; received July 1, 2022.)
  • AOR 2022-15
    Repayment of candidate loan previously converted to candidate contribution, in light of FEC v. Cruz decision. (Harley Rouda for Congress; received June 29, 2022.)
  • AOR 2022-16
    Committee use of contributions deposited after the 10-day deadline. (DSCC/DNC; received June 28, 2022.)
  • AOR 2022-17
    Use of campaign funds for cybersecurity expenses. (Warren Democrats, Inc.; received July 15, 2022.)
  • AOR 2022-18
    Redesignation of contributions to rescheduled primary election. (Bridget Fleming for Congress, Jackie Gordon for Congress, Conole for Congress, and Max Rose for Congress; received July 26, 2022.)


  • Author 
    • Paul Stoetzer
    • Sr. Communications Specialist