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  • FEC Record: Reporting

Ohio 18th district special election reporting

September 1, 2006

On September 14, 2006, Ohio’s 18th Congressional District will hold a Special Republican Primary to choose a replacement for U.S. Representative Bob Ney on the November general election ballot. Committees involved in this election must follow the reporting schedule below, unless they file on a monthly schedule. PACs and party committees that file monthly should continue to file according to their regular filing schedule. Note that 48-hour notices are required of authorized committees that receive contributions of $1,000 or more between August 26 and September 11. Political committees and other persons must file 24-hour notices of independent expenditures that aggregate at or above $1,000 between August 26 and September 12. This requirement is in addition to that of filing 48-hour notices of independent expenditures that aggregate $10,000 or more at other times during a calendar year. The 30-day electioneering communications time period in connection with the primary runs from August 15 through September 14.¹

Committees Involved in the Special Primary File

¹ Individuals and other groups not registered with the FEC who make electioneering communications costing more than $10,000 in the aggregate in the calendar year must disclose this activity to the Commission within 24 hours of the distribution of the communication. See 11 CFR 100.29 and 104.20.

² This date indicates the end of a reporting period. A reporting period always begins the day after the closing date of the last report filed. If the committee is new and has not previously filed a report, the first report must cover all activity that occurred before the committee registered.

³ Reports filed electronically must be submitted by midnight on the filing date. A committee required to file electronically that instead files on paper reporting forms will be considered a nonfiler. Reports filed on paper and sent by registered or certified mail must be sent by postmarked by the mailing date (please note that a certificate of mailing is not an acceptable method). If using overnight mail, the delivery service must receive the report by the mailing date. “Overnight mail” includes Priority or Express Mail having a delivery confirmation, or an overnight delivery service with an online tracking system and scheduled for next day delivery service. Reports sent by other means must be received by the Commission’s close of business on the filing date.

⁴ Notice that this deadline falls on a holiday or weekend. Filing dates are not extended when they fall on nonworking days.