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Multistate independent expenditures

October 2, 2023

When an independent expenditure is made in support of or opposition to a presidential primary candidate and is publicly disseminated in six or more states but does not refer to any particular state, the reporting requirements for multistate independent expenditures apply.

Filers should disclose the multistate independent expenditure as a single expenditure (i.e., without allocating it among states) and indicate which state, among those states where the independent expenditure is distributed, has the next presidential primary and use that primary date to determine whether the independent expenditure falls within the 24 or 48-hour reporting periods. In addition, memo text must be used to indicate the states (or regions, such as “nationwide” or “New England”) where the communication is distributed.

For more information, check out our FEC Record summary of the rules. Detailed reporting instructions are also available on our online reporting pages for PACs, parties, SSFs and other filers. Independent expenditure coverage periods for presidential primaries will be available through the Dates and deadlines page on the Commission website in early 2024.