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  • FEC Record: Commission

Message from the Chair (2011)

January 3, 2011

Cynthia L. BauerlyWelcome to Volume 37 of the Record. It is an honor to serve as the Chair of the FEC for 2011. I am looking forward to working with my colleagues and the dedicated and talented staff of the Commission to fulfill the Commission’s important mission in service to our democracy. 

One of our most important duties is to ensure that those who want to participate in federal elections have the tools to do so in compliance with the Act and FEC regulations. To that end, the Commission will continue to provide a variety of outreach programs. Our first roundtable of the year to help committees prepare for filing their year-end reports will be held this month at the Commission. Others will follow as future filing deadlines approach. The Commission will again offer two-day conferences in Minneapolis this September and San Diego this October. In an effort to tailor topics and reduce costs for attendees, we are replacing our DC conferences with a series of one-day seminars. We are also expanding our e-learning opportunities. Information about these useful programs is available at

As we enter the second decade of the twenty-first century, the Commission will continue to explore new ways to use technology to discharge our duties and fulfill our commitment to transparency. For example, during the upcoming year, the Agency plans to launch a mobile disclosure application to allow disclosure features now available on the website to run on mobile devices, such as smart phones (3G or 4G) and Apple iPads. And, look soon for Twitter updates from the Commission. In addition, we will be making improvements to two databases. First, early in the year, we will release a searchable rulemaking database to allow the public to electronically comment during rulemakings and search existing rulemakings. We also plan to supplement the searchable audit database, a project started last year, to provide the public with the ability to search all published audits dating back to 1976. 

We are also entering the first full election cycle following some significant developments in the law. The Commission has much to do over the coming months to develop and implement guidance in these areas. By eliminating some of the existing uncertainty, the Commission can provide a valuable service to candidates, parties, committees, and other political actors who are trying hard to follow the law. I look forward to working with everyone at the Commission to ensure effective enforcement of federal campaign finance laws while providing the regulated community with ample and clear information about how best to comply with those laws. I hope you will share with us ways in which we can serve you better in the coming year at All the best in the new year, 

Cynthia Bauerly

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    • Chair Cynthia L. Bauerly